DHSMV Forms in Florida

Below are common forms required for transactions with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV). You can download them free of charge if you have Adobe Acrobat Reader, and if you don't have that, it's also available as a free download.

If you do not see a form listed below, or if a form is listed as "Not available online," you must get it directly from the FL DHSMV. You can:

  • Contact the FL DHSMV by phone at: (850) 617-2000.
  • Go in person to your local DHSMV office.

Most Requested Forms

Application for a Social Security Card
Application for an original, replacement, OR corrected Social Security card.
HSMV 71120
Certification of Address
Use this form to certify your Florida residency when submitting certain applications to the DHSMV.
HSMV 71143
Certification of Driving Experience of a Minor
For a parent or other legal guardian to certify a minor in their care has completed the required amount of practice driving hours to apply for a Florida license.
HSMV 83330
Insurance Affidavit
Use this form to certify you have the required car insurance to register your vehicle with the Florida DHSMV.
HSMV 71142
Parental Consent for a Driver Application of a Minor
This form must be signed by a parent or guardian when a minor applies for a Florida driver's license.
Request For Arbitration by the Florida New Motor Vehicle Arbitration Board
Submit this form to the Florida Department of Legal Affairs if you're seeking retribution for a faulty vehicle under FL Lemon Law.
HSMV 82993
Separate Odometer Disclosure Statement and Acknowledgement
Form used to disclose the odometer reading on a vehicle you're buying or selling in Florida. Needs to be submitted to the DHSMV when transferring ownership of a vehicle.
HSMV 82040
Use this form to title your vehicle with the FL Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.
Complete this form to title a vehicle in your name.
DS-DE 39
Voter Registration Application
Submit this form to your local election office to register to vote in FL.

Driver's License & ID Forms

HSMV 90511
Driver License Records Request
Use this form to request a copy of your FL driving record or someone else's for purposes allowed by law
HSMV 72068
Fraud Investigation Requests
Submit this form to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles if you're a victim of fraud or identity theft involving your driver's license or ID.
HSMV 72119
Mature Driver Vision Test
Submit this form if you're a mature driver and require an eye exam as part of renewing your Florida driver's license. Must be completed by an eye doctor.
HSMV 72010
Report of Eye Exam
Required if you fail your vision test when applying for OR renewing a Florida driver's license or permit. Must be completed by an eye doctor.

Title & Registration Forms

HSMV 83027
Application for High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Decal
Submit this form to the FL DHSMV to apply for a HOV decal if you drive a low-emission or hybrid vehicle.
HSMV 83043
Application for Personalized License Plate
Application for a personalized FL license plate.
HSMV 83045
Application for Registration of a Street Rod, Custom Vehicle, Horseless Carriage or Antique (Permanent)
Application to permanently register an antique OR custom vehicle with the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.
HSMV 83146
Application for Replacement License Plate, Validation Decal or Parking Permit
Submit this form to the DHSMV to request a replacement Florida license plate, validation decal, OR disability parking permit.
HSMV 82363
Application for Salvage Title/Certificate of Desctruction
Use this form to apply for a salvage title OR certificate of destruction on a vehicle in Florida.
HSMV 87015
Application for Vessel Duplicate Registration, Replacement Decal and Change of Classification
Request a replacement boat registration or decal for a boat OR to change a boat's registration classification with the DHSMV.
HSMV 82260
Lien Satisfaction
Complete this form to notify the DHSMV you've paid off the loan on a liened vehicle in FL.
HSMV 82042
Vehicle Identification Number and Odometer Verification
VIN verification required when titling OR registering an out-of-state vehicle with the FL Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Must be completed by an authorized agent of the state.

Buying & Selling Forms

HSMV 82995
Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney/Odometer Disclosure
Use this form to disclose a vehicle's odometer reading on behalf of a seller. Not available online. Contact the DMV for this form.
HSMV 82053
Power of Attorney for a Motor Vehicle, Mobile Home, or Vessel
Use this form to allow someone else to perform a title transaction on your behalf with the DHSMV. Applies to motor vehicles, motor homes, AND vessels titled in Florida.

Commercial Forms

Medical Examination Report for Commercial Driver Fitness Determination
Submit this fitness determination form to the DHSMV as part of applying for your Florida CDL. Must be completed by a medical examiner.

Military Forms

HSMV 83034
Application for Military Service Related License Plates
Application for FL military service license plates.
HSMV 82002
Initial Registration Fee Exemption Affidavit
Form for military members, spouses, or their dependents to request a registration fee exemption from the FL Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.
HSMV 73032
Military Personnel and Dependents Affidavit and Driver License Extension Application
Form for military members, spouses, and dependents to request an extension on driver's license renewal from the FL DHSMV.
HSMV 71054
Verification for Waiver of Skill Test for Military Personnel
FL commercial driver's license skills test waiver for members of the military who recently drove a commercial vehicle during service. Requires certification from your commanding officer.

Disability Forms

HSMV 83039
Application for Disabled Person Parking Permit
Use this form to apply for a Florida disability parking permit (not permanent).

Voter Registration Forms

Voter Registration and Absentee Ballot Request Federal Post Card Application
If you're a U.S. citizen living out of your voting jurisdiction, use this form to register to vote AND/OR request an absentee ballot.

Dealer Forms

HSMV 82139
Application for Notice of Lien/Reassignment of Lien or Notice to First Lienholder of Subsequent Lien
Used by vehicle dealers to update lien information for county tax offices.
HSMV 86058
Irrevocable Letter of Credit Mobile Home Dealer
Form signed by the bank that holds the surety bond for a mobile home dealer. One way to meet the bond requirement for dealer licensing.
HSMV 86057
Irrevocable Letter of Credit Motor Vehicle Dealer
Form signed by the bank holding the surety bond for a motor vehicle dealer. One option to fulfill the bond requirement for dealer licensing.
HSMV 82994
Motor Vehicle Title Reassignment Supplement
This form is used when reassigning ownership of a vehicle with a non-conforming or unavailable title or MCO. Not available online.
HSMV 86720
Renewal Application
Use this form to renew your dealer license or change your dealer mailing address.
HSMV 86018
Surety Bond Mobile Home Dealer
Bond form required for mobile home dealer licensing.
HSMV 86020
Surety Bond Motor Vehicle Dealer
Required bond paperwork for vehicle dealer licensing.
HSMV 86019
Surety Bond Recreational Vehicle Dealer
Required bond form for RV dealer licensing.
HSMV 84016
Temporary Tag Record
Used by vehicle dealers to keep track of temporary tags issued.
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