Vehicle Code in Florida

Access the Vehicle Code

More than just a list of current legislation related to motor vehicles, the Florida Vehicle Code can be a valuable resource for drivers and vehicle owners. It also spells out your rights and responsibilities in a wide range of issues, from insurance and titling to accident procedures and licensing regulations.

The vehicle code is part of the Florida Statutes, which are updated periodically. The Motor Vehicle part of the statutes is found in Title XXIII, which comprises chapters 316 through 325.

The following is a sampling of the information you'll find in each chapter:

Chapter 316―State Uniform Traffic Control

  • Accident reporting procedure and responsibility
  • On-road driving laws and traffic regulations
  • Speed limits and zones
  • DUI and DWI regulations and penalties
  • Parking rules
  • Types of vehicles allowed on public roads
  • Vehicle safety equipment requirements, including lamps, brakes, and horns
  • Towing requirements
  • Safety belt usage
  • Traffic citation regulations

Chapter 317―Off-Highway Vehicle Titling

  • Titling regulations and record requirements, including fees and application processes, for off-highway vehicles

Chapter 318―Disposition of Traffic Infractions

  • How to deal with a traffic infraction, including appeals, fees, and limitations
  • Parking violation procedures

Chapter 319―Title Certificates

Chapter 320―Motor Vehicle Licenses

  • Vehicle registration procedures and regulations
  • License plates, including transfers, sticker renewals, and vanity plates
  • License taxes and surcharges
  • Mobile home standards and inspection procedures
  • Dealer registration and plates

Chapter 321―Highway Patrol

  • Powers and responsibilities of highway patrol department and officers
  • Personnel and rank classifications
  • Traffic accident investigation standards
  • Public records regulations

Chapter 322―Drivers' Licenses

Chapter 323―Wrecker Operators

  • Regulations for approved wrecker operators
  • Penalties for operating outside the approved system

Chapter 324―Financial Responsibility

Check Your License Status

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