Driving Records FAQ

Q. - What is a Driving Record Report?

A. - A driving record report contains a history of violations, convictions, collisions, and departmental actions incurred by a driver over a period of time.

Q. - How far back does a Driving Record Report go?

A. - This varies by state but will go back at least 3 years.

Q. - I don't see all of my tickets on this report, why?

A. - The way a state records your driving history is dependent upon how you plead in regards to a ticket. Some states for example will dismiss a ticket after you have successfully completed a probationary period, thus it will not reflect on your report.

Q. - Who can order this report?

A. - You can only order this report on yourself. You must pass the Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA) process which is a method that authenticates an individual based on knowledge of personal information that is gathered from credit information, substantiated by a real-time interactive question and answer process.

Q. - Why can I not order this on anyone other than myself?

A. - This is not public information and is only available to be sold directly to the end consumer the report belongs to.

Q. - Why aren't all states available?

A. - Certain states do not allow driving histories to be sold directly to the consumer.

Q. - I accidentally entered the wrong driver's license number. Can I get a refund?

A. - Unfortunately we are unable to provide a refund for entry mistakes since we sent your request to the state "as in" and they counted it as an inquiry.

Q. - What is the turnaround time for this report?

A. - In most cases results will be instant but there are times when volume is so great to particular states, that they cannot handle and their system fails. At that time results are unavailable for a time they specify but results will be turned once their systems are back online.

Q. - Where are the requests obtained from?

A. - Directly from the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. We are an authorized network provider for state DMV's and have a direct line into the department's database. Records are retrieved directly from that database.

Q. - Can I use this report to satisfy my Defensive Driving Course?

A. - No. You must obtain a certified copy of your history directly from the state as required by the courts.

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