How to Get Your Driving Record Cleared

Remember when you were in school and your teacher kept a record of all of the times you got in trouble or missed a homework assignment?

That’s pretty much what a driving record looks like, except that it’s a report made up of all the times you’ve gotten into an accident, were convicted of a traffic violation, or had your license suspended.

With this ongoing record, car insurance companies and employers can easily peer into your past driving history. Insurance companies are interested in your record because it helps them determine your rates; for example, if you have a poor driving record, they may increase your car insurance premiums. Additionally, your record gives employers an idea of how responsible you are, since offenses like traffic violations or a speeding ticket may indicate recklessness.

It goes without saying that it’s pretty important to try to maintain a clean driving record. If you haven’t been historically great at this, there are a few measures you can take to help attain a clear record once again.

Find Out What’s on Your Record

If you are wondering how to get your driving record cleared, the first step is to determine exactly what is on your record from your driving history. Knowing what’s on your current record will help guide you to the proper next steps. There are a few ways you can obtain a copy of your driving record, including:

  • Going directly to your state agency.
  • Ordering it online through a 3rd-party vendor.
  • Asking your insurance provider.

In most cases, your state agency will be the best source for the most up-to-date and accurate record. However, if you’re looking for convenience and speed, ordering it online is the way to go.

Once you know what’s on your driving record, you can start piecing together whether or not anything can be done to have it cleared. Unfortunately, certain things won’t be erasable. If you have any questions about a specific offense, refer to your state agency for information and help. Other infractions can often be cleared in a variety of ways respective to the offense.

Enroll in a Defensive Driving Course

If you receive a ticket for a traffic violation, many states offer some type of defensive driving course as a way to reduce the points on your driving record.

For example, in Wisconsin, you can enroll in a traffic safety course and reduce your demerits by 3 points. Check with the agency in your state to see if you are eligible to get points removed by enrolling in a defensive driving course..

Be Patient

Most violations usually have a set period of time after which they are removed from your driving record. For instance, there isn’t usually anything you can do to clear a DUI from your driving record (although you can have it expunged from your criminal record).

In California, though, a DUI will stay on your driving record for 10 years and then will be removed. Other, more minor offenses will only be on your driving record for about 3 years and 3 months.

Keep Your Driving Record Clean

Once you are aware of what certain violations can do to your driving record, it is important to make a point to keep your record clean. In some states, you can have points deducted by keeping a clean record for a specified time frame, so check with your state agency to learn the specific regulations.

Keeping your driving record clean requires you to avoid getting:

If you want to learn how to be a better driver to avoid getting any more points on your record, you can enroll in a defensive driving course to polish up on your skills.

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