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DMV Office Finder Summary:

DMV locations and hours are unique to your local office. If you need to visit the DMV without an appointment, check if your DMV provides the current wait time.

We all dream about the day when every state DMV transaction can be done conveniently online.

Until there's an automated system for each state that meets regulation, you'll still need to visit your local DMV branch for certain transactions.

Enter your zip code or click on your state to find information about DMV:

  • Locations and hours.
  • Holiday closures.
  • Current wait times.
  • Phone numbers and contact information.

Remember, to make your trip to the DMV easier, check if you can begin your tasks online or beforehand. Some states allow you to:

  • Make an appointment. (Some offer online appointments.)
  • Schedule a road test online.
  • Fill in and print the applications you need on your home computer.

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