Benefits of Traffic School

Traffic school—also known in some states as defensive driving courses—isn't the most popular way to spend your spare time. But there are valuable perks to taking this type of course.

From reducing ticket fines to offsetting points from your driving record, it's important to know how traffic school can benefit you as a driver.

This is just a general guide—if you need state-specific information, please refer to our Traffic School & Defensive Driving section.

Reduce Ticket Fines

You made a mistake... it happens. Unfortunately, mistakes made behind the wheel can often be very costly, with ticket fines, court fees, increased insurance premiums, and countless other possible expenses.

In some states, however, your traffic court may be willing to reduce your fines if you agree to take a traffic school class. Before your court appearance, contact the court clerk to inquire as to whether traffic school is ever a possibility in your situation. Research traffic schools in your area and the options they offer.

If you do decide to take traffic school, whether you do it online or in a classroom, you'll need to make sure the course you take is recognized by your state.

Improve Your Driving Record

You don't want a momentary lapse in judgment to tarnish your good driving record. Depending on what your court and state allows, traffic school may help you either prevent or offset points added to your driving record due to a traffic ticket.

This benefit is especially helpful because insurance companies use your driving record to help determine your rates. A single violation can mean a huge spike in your insurance premiums. By taking traffic school, you may be able to keep those spikes to a minimum, or prevent them altogether.

For more on driving records, and to order yours, visit our Driving Records page.

Tickets & Suspended Licenses

To maintain your driving privileges, most states have limits to the number of points you can accumulate on your driving record. Drivers who get too many citations in a particular time frame face the suspension of their license.

If you're at risk for license suspension, consult your local traffic enforcement agency and find out if traffic school can help. You can learn more about suspensions in your state in our Suspended License section.

Improve Insurance Rates

Traffic tickets aren't the only reason you may wish to consider taking traffic school. Some insurance companies may incentivize drivers to take a defensive driving course by offering a discount on your premium upon completion.

Visit your insurance company's website or give your agent a call to find out if you can benefit from taking a traffic school course. For more information about insurance, please visit our Insurance Center.

Enhance Your Driving Skills

Even if your driving record is squeaky clean and your insurance premium is right where you want it, you may still want to consider taking traffic school to improve your defensive driving techniques. With today's driving distractions causing more and more fatal accidents each year, it's crucial to keep current with the latest methods to protect yourself and your loved ones when you're behind the wheel. Apart from a refresher on your state's traffic laws and regulations, you'll receive hazard prevention training and sharpen your reaction skills should you find yourself involved in a potentially dangerous situation. Though often overlooked, this may be traffic school's biggest benefit of all.

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