Suspended License in Delaware

Driver's License Suspension in Delaware

If your driver's license was suspended or revoked by the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV), you'll need to satisfy your suspension requirements to have it reinstated.

Your license may be suspended/revoked for violations such as*:

  • Accumulating too many driving record points.
  • Being determined medically unfit to drive.
  • Speeding.
  • Driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol and drug-related offenses.
  • Being guilty of a hit and run that resulted in injury or death.

*NOTE - as of 2018 a driver's license or permit cannot be suspended for truancy.

On this page you'll find information about your suspension and how to reinstate your DE driver's license.

About Your Suspended License in Delaware

Depending on the offense you committed, the duration of your Delaware driver's license suspension will vary. DO NOT drive on a suspended driver's license. If you do so, you may receive additional suspensions.

NOTE: If your offense was found to be criminal according to a court, you may face additional court penalties and fees, including further suspensions.

While certain violations will result in an automatic suspension/revocation of your Delaware driver's license, you may also receive a suspension for accumulating too many driving record points.

You will receive a different suspension length depending on the number of points you have:

  • 8 points: The DE DMV will mail you a warning letter.
  • 12 points: You must complete a driver improvement course within 90 days, or your license will be suspended for 2 months.
  • 14 points: Suspension of 4 months.
  • 16 points: Suspension of 6 months.
  • 18 points: Suspension of 8 months.
  • 20 points: Suspension of 10 months.
  • 22 points: Suspension of 12 months.

NOTE: Driving record point suspensions are based on the total points you accumulate within 24 months.

For information about your specific requirements, contact your local Delaware DMV.

DE Suspension Hearings and Appeals

Depending on your offense, you may be able to request a Delaware DMV administrative hearing to contest your suspended driver's license.

  • If your suspension was caused by a DUI/DWI violation, you can request an administrative hearing by completing the online administrative hearing request on the Delaware DMV website.
    • Must be requested within 15 days of your arrest.
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Reinstate Your Suspended Delaware License

The steps to reinstate your suspended DE driver's license will vary depending on the circumstances of your violations.

To reinstate your driver's license, you may need to:

  • Satisfy any court requirements, such as paying outstanding fines and completing suspension periods.
  • File an SR22/proof of insurance with the Delaware DMV.
  • Complete a driver improvement course, if necessary.
  • Complete an alcohol education/improvement program, if applicable.
  • Complete the driving skills and knowledge tests, if necessary.
  • Pay a reinstatement fee. (See “Fees to Reinstate Your DE Driver's License" below.)

For information about your specific reinstatement requirements, contact your local Delaware DMV.

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Obtain a Restricted Driver's License

Depending on the reason for your suspension, you may be able to obtain a restricted driver's license which you can use while your license is suspended. A restricted license will only allow you to drive to and from authorized locations.

For information about your eligibility to obtain a restricted license, contact the Delaware DMV at the phone numbers listed above.

Fees to Reinstate Your DE Driver's License

The fees to reinstate your suspended driver's license will vary depending on your offense. Fees you may need to pay include:

  • Uninsured motorist violation penalty: $100.
  • Suspended license reinstatement: $50.
  • Revoked license reinstatement: $200.

Acceptable Forms of Payment

The Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) accepts the following forms of payment for your suspended license reinstatement:

  • Cash.
  • Check.
  • Money order.
  • VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit/debit cards.
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