Replacing a Lost CDL in Delaware

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Apply for a replacement commercial driver's license in person with the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV); if you're out of state, you MIGHT be able to apply for a duplicate CDL by mail.

Remember, it's illegal to operate a commercial vehicle before you receive your replacement; also, for your identity protection, it's best to contact local and state agencies and report your lost CDL.

Visit DMV for Duplicate CDL in DE

The Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will replace your lost CDL in person. Visit your local DMV office, or—if you want to skip the lines—contact the office to see if CDL replacements are eligible for appointments.

You can contact the DE DMV for exact instructions, but expect to:

  • Complete an application for a replacement commercial driver's license.
    • Currently, this application isn't available online.
  • Provide required documents proving factors such as your identity, Delaware residency, legal status or immigration status, and Social Security number.
    • Check the state's list of acceptable identification documents.
    • Depending on your circumstances, you also might need to provide additional CDL-related paperwork such as your current HAZMAT or other endorsements and/or your medical certification. Again, call ahead to see if you must bring these documents. 
  • The $20 fee.

Replacement CDL While Out of State

The DE DMV will issue temporary regular driver licenses by mail for residents who are currently out of state; however, whether you're eligible to apply for a replacement CDL by mail while out of town depends on your situation. Before applying, contact the DMV to see if you're eligible.

IF you are eligible for a temporary duplicate commercial driver's license, be prepared to fax your:

  • Full name, date of birth, and birth place (including city, state, and country).
    • If you were born outside the United States, call (302) 744-2506 for details.
  • Driver's license number.
  • Social Security number.
  • Delaware address and current contact phone number.
  • Reason for being out of state and the date you'll return to Delaware.
  • Fax number and/or email address where the DE DMV can send your temporary license.
  • Signature.

Fax the above to:

(302) 739-2602
Attn: Driver License

Again, because you're applying for a replacement CDL and not a replacement driver's license, it's best to contact the DMV before you fax this information. BBB Business Review

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