Renewing Your CDL in Delaware

Does your CDL expire soon?

If you drive a commercial vehicle, maintaining a valid commercial driver license is crucial. Renew your CDL before it expires to avoid penalties and lost work hours.

The following sections will guide you through the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) CDL renewal process.

DE CDL Renewal Eligibility

You can renew your Delaware commercial driver’s license up to 30 days ahead of its expiration date. Typically, you’ll receive a renewal reminder around 60 days ahead of your license expiring.

When you receive your CDL, it’s valid for:

  • 8 years WITHOUT a HAZMAT endorsement.
  • 5 years WITH a HAZMAT endorsement.

For non-excepted drivers, you’ll need to have a current medical certificate on file with the DMV. See the medical information guide for instructions on getting your certificate and submitting it.

How to Renew Your Delaware CDL

The only way to renew your CDL is in person at any Delaware DMV office. When you’re ready to renew, visit your local DMV office and present:

  • Your current or recently expired CDL.
  • Proof of your:
    • Legal U.S. presence.
    • Delaware residency.
    • Social Security number.
  • Your completed renewal application (the DMV will provide this at your visit).
  • Payment for the applicable fees. See the fees section for a breakdown of costs.

There are still a couple more steps. Each time you renew, you’ll have to pass a:

  • Vision test.
  • HAZMAT endorsement test, if applicable.
  • Knowledge test AND/OR road test.
    • These tests are not always required. Check your renewal notice and contact your DMV office to find out if this applies to you.

Have a HAZMAT endorsement?

HAZMAT endorsed drivers must take a HAZMAT knowledge test and complete their Transportation Security Administration (TSA) background check before they’ll be issued a new CDL. If you’d like to renew your HAZMAT endorsement, the background check takes a while—we recommend starting the process as soon as possible.

Use the Delaware Commercial Driver License Manual (REV 2017) to study for the test and jump over to our page on HAZMAT endorsements for your guide to the background check procedure.

DE CDL Renewal Fees

Here is a list of fees associated with renewing your Delaware CDL:

  • CDL renewal: $48 valid for 8 years.
  • HAZMAT CDL renewal: $30 valid for 5 years.
  • HAZMAT endorsement: $5.
  • Late renewal: $10.
  • Motorcycle endorsement: Additional $12.
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