DMV Practice Tests in Delaware

SUMMARY: DMV Practice Tests in Delaware

The more you study, the more prepared you'll be to pass your DMV written exam. Learn all about practice tests, how you can benefit from them, and the types of practice tests and study materials available.

What Is a DE DMV Practice Test?

When you go to get your license with the DE Division of Motor Vehicles, you'll be expected to take a written exam (in addition to your other licensing requirements).

A practice test is a study helper that has been designed to help you prepare to take this written knowledge test at the Delaware DMV.

Each question featured on the practice test has been developed from information taken from the Delaware driver handbook.

Why Take a Practice Test?

The DMV suggests studying the Delaware driver manual to prepare for a written test. While you should study the manual, it can be difficult to review key points while going through the entire handbook.

A practice test lets you practice recalling pertinent information you are likely to see on the exam. When you take practice exams, you're more likely to:

  • Learn the information quicker.
  • Retain it longer.

For optimal learning, each test offered from our approved partner features two types of formats for studying:

  • Test Mode. In test mode, you'll be given a full exam like you'd see at the DMV, and your test will be scored once you complete all the questions.
  • Study Guide Mode. In study guide mode, you will see the correct answers to your questions as you answer them, so you can learn and review as you go.

Types of Practice Tests

Each practice test is provided in an online format; however, any exam may be printed and studied when you're offline.

You have the choice between the basic practice test and a more in-depth test with double the questions for extra practice.

See below for the various types of practice tests available in Delaware.

  • Permit Practice Tests. These tests were created for new drivers seeking to apply for their Delaware learner's permit and cover all the basic rules of the road that will show up on the written permit test.
  • Driver's License Practice Tests. These practice tests are geared toward new adult drivers and drivers who've been licensed but need to retake the exam and want a refresher.
  • Motorcycle Practice Test. Motorcycle practice tests feature questions about the motorcycle-specific rules and safety guidelines.
  • Road Sign Practice Tests. These tests will help build your familiarity with road signs you'll come across on the Delaware roadways.
  • CDL Practice Tests. These tests feature questions specific to commercial driver licensing requirements.
  • CDL Endorsement Practice Tests. CDL endorsements are often required for professional drivers. You'll find a test for each type of endorsement you might need.
  • Examen De Practica Para La Licencia (Practice Tests in Spanish). These tests feature all the same questions as the standard practice test but in Spanish.
  • Driver Prep Course. This course is not a practice test but a full multimedia module that will teach you the key information you need to know in an engaging format.
  • Study Guides. These short guides give you a basic review of key information with sample questions and can be printed and taken with you to the DMV.

About Your DE Written Exam

Once you have fully studied and mastered your practice test, you'll be ready to pass the Delaware DMV written test with confidence. If you're ready to take the Delaware written test, save some time and make an appointment.

If for some reason you don't pass the first time, you'll have to wait 10 days before retaking the test.

NOTE: The Delaware written test may be waived if you have a valid driver's license from another U.S. state. It will be waived if you hold a driver's license from Taiwan (Republic of China), Germany, or France.

For more information about applying for your license, please refer to one of the guides below:

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