DMV Point System in Delaware

Driving is fun, but it's not a game—and the points you earn on your driving record indicate the opposite of winning.

Keep on reading to find out more about how the DMV point system works in Delaware.

Delaware Point System Basics

When you think of your driving record, think of golf: The fewer points you have, the better you're doing.

Every time you commit a moving violation in Delaware and either pay your traffic ticket or are convicted of the offense in court, the DE Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will add a certain number of points to your driving record. The specific number of points attached to each ticket depend on how serious the citation is.

Starting on the day you either pay or are convicted, each point on your driving record will be calculated at:

  • Full 1 point value for the first 12 months.
  • 1/2 point value for the next 12 months.

You'll also start seeing repercussions from the CT DMV if you collect the following number of points within 24 months:

  • 8 points: The DMV will send you an advisory letter.
  • 12 points: EITHER
    • You must complete a defensive driving course.
    • Your license is suspended for 2 months.
      • Imposed automatically if you don't complete the course within 90 days.
  • 14 points: Suspension for 4 months.
  • 16 points: Suspension for 6 months.
  • 18 points: Suspension for 8 months.
  • 20 points: Suspension 10 months.
  • 22 points: Suspension for 12 months.

In each case where the Division of Motor Vehicles suspends your license, you'll be required to complete a behavior modification/attitudinal driving course to have your license reinstated. If you've completed a course within 2 years of your conviction, it will count toward reinstating your license.

Aside from losing your right to drive, points on your DE license can also adversely affect your auto insurance rate.

NOTE: If points are added to your commercial driver's license in Delaware, you may face additional penalties.

DE Point System Schedule

Points in Delaware are assessed based on the severity of the traffic violation being committed, with more points correlating to more serious offenses.

Some of the most common citations, and the points they carry, include:

  • Driving 1 through 9 MPH over the posted speed limit: 2 points.
  • Not stopping at a red light or stop sign: 3 points.
  • Speeding over the posted limit by:
    • 10 through 14 MPH: 4 points.
    • 15 through 19 MPH: 5 points.
    • 20 MPH or faster: 5 points.
  • Reckless driving: 6 points.
  • Aggressive driving: 6 points.
  • Passing a school bus: 6 points.

If you don't see your citation above, you can likely find the point value directly on your traffic ticket, or you can check out the Delaware state driving code for more detailed information.

Reducing DE Ticket Points

Worried about the future of your driving record? Never fear.

The Delaware DMV will allow you to establish a credit of 3 points if you successfully complete a defensive driving class, valid for 3 years.

The credit will NOT reduce the points already on your record. It can ONLY be applied against any future points you may receive.

Check out the DE Division of Motor Vehicles' full list of available defensive driving courses for more information.

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