Pay Traffic Ticket in Delaware

SUMMARY: How to Pay a Delaware Traffic Ticket

Depending on the DE county where you received your traffic ticket, you may be able to pay your fine (for a voluntary assessment ticket) online, by mail, by phone, by fax, or in person. Be sure to pay your traffic ticket within 30 days of receiving it.

To find out about your specific requirements, refer to your DE traffic ticket or contact the court handling your case.

Continue reading for instructions on how to pay your traffic ticket in Delaware.

Pay Ticket
(Choose Voluntary Assessment)

  • Pay the fine.
  • Accumulate driving record points.
  • Use defensive driving course to offset driving record points and get an auto insurance discount.

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Fight Ticket
(Plead Not Guilty)

  • Contest the ticket during a hearing.
  • Hire a traffic ticket lawyer or represent yourself.
  • Participate in the Probation Before Judgment Program (if eligible).
  • Possibly forfeit the opportunity to avoid points.
  • Face no penalties if found not guilty.
  • Appeal the guilty verdict (if applicable).

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Respond to Your Delaware Traffic Ticket

After receiving a traffic ticket in Delaware, you can respond to it by:

  • Paying the ticket via voluntary assessment.
    • You must pay the traffic fines within 30 days of receiving the citation.
  • Pleading not guilty and fighting the ticket in court.
    • Your court date will be printed on the traffic ticket.

How to Pay Your DE Traffic Ticket

If you agreed to voluntary assessment, there are a variety of ways to pay your DE traffic ticket.


Using Delaware's online ePayment system, you can pay your traffic ticket without ever having to leave home. You'll need to provide the following when paying you ticket online:

  • Credit card number OR electronic check.
  • Ticket/case number.
  • Your last name.

By Phone

If you'd like to pay your DE traffic ticket by phone, you can:

  • Call (302) 739-6911 and provide your:
    • Traffic ticket number.
    • Credit card number.

By Mail

If you'd like to pay your DE traffic ticket by mail, enclose the following items in an envelope:

  • Copy of your traffic ticket.
  • Appropriate payment of the fines by:
    • Check or money order made out to “State of Delaware."
    • Provide your credit card information on your traffic ticket in the indicated field.
  • A self-addressed, stamped envelope if you'd like a receipt.

Mail the items above to:

State of Delaware - Voluntary Assessment Center
P.O. Box 7039
Dover, DE 19903

In Person

You can pay your traffic ticket in person by visiting:

  • A DE Office of State Court Collections Enforcement (OSCCE) payment kiosk.
    • You'll need to provide:
      • Payment via credit or debit card.
      • Traffic ticket number.
      • Your last name.
  • Any Justice of the Peace court location.

Failure to Pay Your Ticket

If you fail to respond to or pay your DE traffic ticket, your license will be suspended.

You should call the Voluntary Assessment Center at (302) 739-6911 if you:

  • Don't think you'll be able to afford/pay your traffic ticket fines.
  • Would like more information about missed payment on your Delaware traffic ticket.

Offset Points on Your DE Driving Record

In Delaware, you won't receive driving record points if your violation was:

You also have the option to complete one of the state's approved defensive driving courses to offset up to 3 points associated with your traffic violation.

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