Other Vehicle Registrations in Delaware

SUMMARY: How to Register Your Special Vehicle in Delaware

Other vehicle types—including off-highway vehicles, motorhomes, and custom-built cars—may have special or additional requirements in order to get them registered with the Delaware DMV. Other special vehicles, like golf carts or snowmobiles, don't require registration at all. Make sure to have your vehicle titled before attempting to register it, and be prepared to have an inspection performed prior to visiting the DMV.

If you own a vehicle other than a car or truck, you may need to register it before you can legally operate it in Delaware. Not all vehicles need to be registered with the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Continue reading this page to learn all about what types of vehicles must be registered and how to complete the process.

Mopeds, Tri-peds, and Motor Scooters Registration

If you're a Delaware resident, your moped, tri-ped, and motor scooter must be registered and titled if you'll be using them on public roads. Follow the steps on our Register Car in Delaware page.

NOTE: The cost to register your moped or tri-ped is $5 for 3 years.

You must have a valid DE driver's license to operate your moped/tri-ped, and have a motorcycle endorsement on your driver's license to operate a motor scooter. You must also wear a safety helmet when operating these bikes. The state recommends that you wear bright clothing as an extra safety precaution.

Mopeds and tri-peds need to have a light on the front and the rear, and a bell or horn. Motor scooters must meet the same safety equipment requirements as a motorcycle and must pass a safety inspection during the registration process.

You cannot drive your moped or tri-ped on interstates or limited-access highways, or on areas designated as bicycle paths, unless the motor has been turned off.

NOTE: If your scooter is classified as a motorized skateboard or motorized scooter, it is ineligible for a DE registration and cannot be operated on public roads. For more information, see Scooters, Mopeds, Etc. in Delaware.

Register Delaware Off-Highway Vehicles (OHVs)

You must register your off-highway vehicle (OHV) with your local Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV). When you register, you'll need to provide a complete description of the vehicle, including the serial number, and pay a $6 registration fee. Your registration will be valid for 3 years, after which you must renew it.

You must be 18 years old to register your OHV unless your parent or legal guardian can provide written consent on the application and accompany you to the DE DMV office.

NOTE: Your OHV must have brakes and a muffler to reduce the noise level by 60%. OHVs are not allowed on public roads.

Golf Carts and Snowmobiles

Delaware does not require registration or titles for golf carts or snowmobiles, and they cannot be driven on public roadways.

Boats and Boat Trailers in Delaware

You must register your boat with the Division of Fish & Wildlife, part of Delaware's Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control. Your boat trailer must be registered with your local Delaware DMV.

For more information, visit our Boat Registration and Licenses in Delaware page.

Custom-Built Car Registration in Delaware

Before you can register a custom-built car in Delaware, you'll need to first have a vehicle identification number (VIN) assigned to it and apply for a certificate of title.

Visit your local auto theft inspection station to have a VIN assigned.

Once your car has passed the inspection, you can apply for a certificate of title and have it registered.

You will generally follow the same steps as outlined in " Register a Vehicle in Delaware" above, however you may need to provide additional documents and/or fees. Contact the Delaware DMV for more information.

DE Recreational Vehicles (RVs)

In order to be registered, your recreational vehicle must pass a safety and emission check. This can happen at any DMV office. You'll then need to take your vehicle title to your local DMV office for registration.

The registration process will be the same as registering your standard vehicle; the only difference will be in your fees:

  • Vehicles 5,000 lbs. or less: $40.
  • Vehicles over 5,000 lbs.: You will pay an additional $6.40 for each 1,000 lbs. that your vehicle goes over the standard weight.
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