Online Services in Delaware

As the first state to ratify the Constitution, Delaware understands expediency's value. DE offers a number of online driver and vehicle services that can save you time and a trip to your local DMV branch office.

Online Vehicle Services in Delaware

Typically, vehicle services are handled through Delaware's Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV). We also connect you to third party vendors offering time-saving services; these are often unaffiliated with the government.

DMV Online Services

Thanks to the Delaware DMV's online service options, you can accomplish many vehicle-related tasks from the comfort of your own home, including:

  • Registration renewal/updates.
  • Request registration renewal notification by e-mail.
  • Vehicle registration fee calculator.
  • Request an oversize/overweight vehicle permit.
  • Handicap placard application and renewal.
  • Title history report.
  • Order vanity license plates.

Third Party Vehicle Services

If you can't fulfill your vehicle-related needs using the DMV's online services, consider going through a third party company for:

  • Auto insurance.
    • Make sure you're getting the best coverage for your car by going through insurance companies offering you the services you need at competitive prices.
  • Motorcycle insurance.
    • Protect yourself and your bike by insuring your motorcycle through a trusted third party vendor.
  • Vehicle history report (VHR).
    • Whenever you buy a new car, it's important you go through companies that can perform VIN checks and provide you with an up-to-date VHR.
  • Extended vehicle warranty.
    • Investing in an extended warranty on your vehicle can save you stress and money in the future.

Online DE License and Records Inquiries

If you need to make changes to your license or are interested in Delaware public records, the convenience of the internet has made accomplishing those tasks much easier. Depending on the request you're making and how soon you'd like it done, you have the choice of either going through Delaware's Division of Motor Vehicles or through a private company.

Delaware DMV License and Record Services

You can use the DMV's online services for the following record and license-related requests:

  • Apply for a federally-compliant driver's license or ID card.
  • Become an organ donor.
  • Driving record inquiries.

Online Services through Private Companies

If you can't complete your license- and record-related tasks through Delaware's DMV, consider your third party online options for requesting the following:

  • Driving records.
    • If you need personal or employee driving records in a pinch, a private company is probably your best bet.
  • Court records.
    • For quick and easy access to a past court cases, use a private company to get the court records you need.
  • Vital records.
    • You can easily access all types of vital records (birth, death, marriage, and divorce) through a third party company.
  • Background checks.
    • If you're hiring a new employee in the near future, order a speedy background check from a private vendor.
  • Name change.
    • A competent third party vendor will ensure your name is changed with the DMV, U.S. Postal service, and Social Security Administration.
  • International Driver Permit (IDP).
    • If you need an IDP at the last minute, consider requesting one through a private company, which will expedite the process.
  • Expedited passport.
    • Using a private company over a government agency will ensure you get your passport in time for your vacation abroad.

Online Driver's Ed Services in Delaware

Whether you're looking to get points off your record or apply for your first driver's license, Driver's Ed can be a real life saver. Plus, now you can fulfill many of your driver's education needs from the comfort of your own home.

The Delaware DMV offers the following Driver's Ed online services:

  • Motorcycle training registration (all levels).
  • Practice driver's license test.

For the rest of your Driver's Ed needs, consider using a tested and approved private vendor. You might benefit from products like:

While dealing with legal issues, the last thing you want is to go into the DMV. Luckily, the DE Division of Motor Vehicles and private companies offer convenient online services to make your experience with the law less stressful.

You can complete the following tasks using the DMV's online service options:

  • Request an administrative hearing for a DUI.
  • Pay traffic tickets.

A few other legal services you might want to use a third party vendor to take advantage of include:

  • Protect your money, assets, and life by investing in a trusted identity theft protection program.

Miscellaneous Online Services

For your convenience, the Delaware DMV offers additional online services such as:

  • Looking up DMV branch wait times.
  • Watch live video of the branch you're going to visit.
  • Delaware dealership search.
  • Register a next of kin/emergency contact.
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