Commercial Driver FAQs in Delaware

Learning the traffic rules, safety habits, equipment inspection procedures, and rules of the road is just part of your responsibility as a commercial driver. Because you are held to a higher standard you will have more interaction with the DMV and probably more questions about your CDL.

There is a lot to know about commercial driving and you will undoubtedly have some questions as you go along.

Here at DMV.ORG, we have covered the basics of applying for a CDL, renewing and replacing your CDL, and the education you'll need to safely operate a commercial motor vehicle.

Licensing Questions

The licensing process is outlined in the Commercial Driver's Manual as well as in the driver's manual. A common question is about documentation―what documents will you need to bring when you apply for a CDL?

If you have specific questions that are not found in the manual be sure to review the CDL Driver Services Web page. And, of course, you can always telephone the DMV offices to get answers to your licensing questions.

Registration Questions

As a commercial driver you have some responsibility for the vehicle you are driving. True, the owner has responsibility too, but you are the one who has deemed the vehicle safe and legal to drive―for the period you are behind the wheel.

Registering your commercial vehicle may seem complicated. There are different kinds of license plates and registrations depending on what kind of driving your CMV will do:

  • Interstate Driving―Across State Lines
  • Intrastate Driving―Delaware Only

Registration fees are based on pounds.

  • The first 5,000 lbs. of vehicle only cost $40.
  • It will cost $18 per each 1,000 lbs. over the first 5,000 lbs.

If your commercial vehicle is owned by a business, then you'll need the proper signatures on the title and registration paperwork. Before you make the trip to the DMV to register a CMV, review the Vehicle Services website to prepare for your DMV visit.

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