Dealer-related Information in Delaware

As a vehicle dealer in Delaware, your customers will expect you to know a lot about vehicles and drivers licensing. The Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will also have pretty high expectations of you; like filing the proper forms, staying in compliance with licensing regulations, and dealing fairly with consumers.

Because you are running a business monitored by the state, you will have to spend some time regularly keeping up with changing rules and policies. You may want to join a local dealers' association, the Rotary Club, or your local Chamber of Commerce. Business round tables can be a good source of information.

Routinely scanning the DMV website will help keep you up to speed on DMV topics. New forms become available online all the time and changes to licensing procedures are posted on the Web.

The vehicle services offered by the DMV are a rich source of information for you, the dealership staff, vehicle sellers, and vehicle buyers.

Though you might be selling and buying vehicles, your customers will really appreciate your understanding of DMV topics, too.

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