Dealer Forms in Delaware

The Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) offers several dealer forms on their website:

Both forms can be used to new car dealer licenses, used car dealer licenses, manufacturer and distributor licenses, and other vehicle industry licenses.

For more information, you can contact the DMV's Dealer Services:

  • Wilmington:  (302) 576-5705.
  • Delaware City: (302) 832-5220.
  • Dover: (302) 857-4665.
  • Georgetown: (302) 853-1000.

The Dealer Procedures Manual, which can be viewed using the free Adobe Reader, has examples of other forms, including the Certificate of Title and Salvage Certificate.

When you buy, sell, or acquire (repossess) a vehicle you will need to file the Dealer's Notification of Used Vehicle Received (Form MV60) with the DMV; again available directly from the DMV.

Online you can pick up the Dealer Consignment Vehicle Contract (Form MV560) for selling used cars on consignment. Often when a dealer sells a vehicle the certificate of title needs to be reassigned; the assignment goes from the dealership to the eventual buyer.

You can only use the title reassignment form if you are a licensed dealer. The Dealer's Reassignment of Title (Form MV202B) must be ordered from the DMV. The Dealer will pay $10 per form for a minimum of 5 forms.

Applying for a duplicate dealer license plate is done using the Application for Dealership License (Form MV29).

Repossessing vehicles can be a difficult business. If it's your job to collect vehicles that have been used as security on a loan, you have to remain organized and focused. Completing the paperwork is important because the whole transaction may come into question when someone involved fights for their vehicle.

Using and locating the proper forms is important. Once you understand the dealership business, and you have successfully submitted a few forms to the DMV, take some time and write out the procedures for you and your staff. Good clear notes will go a long way in making sure your business keeps moving along smoothly.


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