Boat Registration and Licenses in Delaware

The Division of Fish and Wildlife handles all boat registrations in Delaware.

Continue reading to learn more about registering your vessel AND required boater safety courses.

What to Register in Delaware

In Delaware, all motorized boats operated by DE residents must be registered with the Division of Fish and Wildlife or an authorized sales outlet.

You do not need to register your boat if you:

  • Own a boat registered in another state. 
  • Delaware is not the vessel's State of Principle Use*.

*State of Principle Use means your vessel will ONLY be docked, stowed, or used on Delaware's waterways for 60 consecutive days or less.

If you aren't sure whether or not you need to register your boat, call the Division of Fish and Wildlife's boat registration line at (302) 739-9916.

Boat Registration in Delaware - Requirements & Procedures

The documents required to register your boat vary depending on if the vessel was new OR used when you bought it.

If you bought a new boat, first collect the following:

If you bought a used vessel, start by gathering:

  • A completed Boat Registration Application (REV 2022).
  • The boat's original title signed by the seller.
    • If the boat doesn't have a title, you must provide it's original registration.
  • A notarized bill of sale with a full description of the vessel, completed by the seller.
  • If previously registered with the U.S. Coast Guard, a photocopy of the seller's most recent Certificate of Documentation.
  • The lien release (if applicable).
  • The necessary registration fees.

Then, regardless of whether the boat was new or used, you can submit the items above:

You can choose to register for either 1 year or 3 years.

Delaware Boat Registration Fees

The fees associated with registering your boat with the Delaware are as follows:

  • Fees for 1 year of registration (depend on your boat's length):
    • Class A (less than 16 ft): $20.
    • Class 1 (16 ft to 26 ft): $40.
    • Class 2 (26 ft to 40 ft): $60.
    • Class 3 (40 ft to 65 ft): $100.
    • Class 4 (65 ft and longer): $120.
  • Fees for 3 years of registration (based on the length of your boat):
    • Class A (less than 16 ft): $60.
    • Class 1 (16 ft to 26 ft): $120.
    • Class 2 (26 ft to 40 ft): $180.
    • Class 3 (40 ft to 65 ft): $300.
    • Class 4 (65 ft and longer): $360.
  • Replacement registration fee: $2.30.
  • Registration transfer fee (with a valid Delaware registration card): $3.45.

DE Boat Registration Renewals & Replacements

To renew your boat registration, submit the necessary information about your vessel AND renewal fees:

Replace Lost Registration

If your boat registration card or decal is lost or damaged, you can request a replacement by supplying your boat's information AND paying the replacement fee of $2.30 using the DE Division of Fish and Wildlife's online registration portal.

Boater Safety Course

Boat safety courses are required for everyone born on or after January 1, 1978 who wishes to operate a motorized boat OR a personalized watercraft. Visit the Division of Fish and Wildlife's boater safety page for course providers and more information on qualifications to operate a boat in Delaware.


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Boat Registration Application
Register your boat with the DE Division of Fish and Wildlife.
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