Replacing a Lost Title in Connecticut

Replacing a Lost Title in Connecticut

The Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) allows residents to apply to replace a lost title. The Specialized Registry Services, based in Wethersfield, processes all requests for a new vehicle titles and lost vehicle titles. The same process can be followed for people who may have a damaged vehicle title or if they are the victims of a stolen title.

Continue reading this page for all the information you need about obtaining a replacement copy of your vehicle title.

How to Get a Duplicate Connecticut Title

NOTE: Duplicate titles are only granted to owners on record, so if a lien holder―such as a bank or credit union―was listed on the original title, you also need to obtain a lien release from the lender.

If you lose the title to your vehicle, you can order a duplicate by mail or in person at your local Connecticut DMV office. You'll need to:

  • Complete an Online Request for Duplicate Certificate of Title Application (Form H-6B), which will arrive in the mail. DMV staff will enter the title number on your application.
    • The application needs to have Section 1 and 3 filled out completely, and have the signature of the owner(s).
    • If applicable it must have the signatures of the lienholder, or the owners legal representative (with authorizing documentation).
  • Submit a $25 duplicate title fee.
  • Show identification when picking up the title.
  • Lien release letter (if required).
  • Visit your local DMV office or mail everything to the following address:

Department of Motor Vehicles
Specialized Registry Services
60 State St.
Wethersfield, CT 06161

Your title will be mailed to the title owner and/or lienholder.

NOTE: The DMV does not send or accept electronic title or lienholder forms at this time.

What if the vehicle is 20 years old or less?

If a vehicle is 20 years old or less, a duplicate title can be issued at anyConnecticut Hub Office statewide or Limited Service Office, with the exception of Putnam, which doesn't process or replace lost vehicle titles.

Add/Remove Lien From Title

To add a lienholder to a replacement title, you'll need to:

Department of Motor Vehicles
Specialized Registry Services
60 State St.
Wethersfield, CT 06161

The new title will be sent to the new lienholder.

To remove a lienholder, your lienholder must sign a release that is attached to the official application for a duplicate title.

NOTE: If the lien is more than 10 years old and you have trouble locating the original lienholder, you can fill out a Motor Vehicle Ownership Affidavit (Form H-115) that will constitute a lien release.

Name Change on Your Title

You'll need a variety of forms to complete a name change, including:

  • Your original/signed certificate of title indicating a change of name on the reverse side.
  • A release from lienholder for transfer purposes only, if a lien still applies.
  • A Request for Report of Sale/Transfer of Non-Titled Motor Vehicle (Form Q-1) that indicates a name change, if the vehicle is older than 20 years old.
  • An Application for Registration and Certificate of Title (Form H-13B).
    • Add information about any joint/co-owners/common ownership, and date of birth of all parties.
  • A current Connecticut insurance ID card with the name of registered vehicle owner.
  • Any legal documentation about the name change, such as a
    • Marriage or civil union certificate.
    • Divorce decree.
    • Judge's order for a legal name change.
  • Any applicable title fees (see above).

For more information about name changes, please view our page about Changing Your Name.


Application for Registration and Certificate of Title
The Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles' application for vehicle title and registration.
Motor Vehicle Ownership Affidavit
Submit to the Connecticut DMV when you need to verify ownership of a vehicle you don't have a title or lien release for.
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