License Renewal in Connecticut

Renew Your Connecticut Driver's License

To drive legally, all drivers in Connecticut are required to hold a valid CT driver's license. If your driver's license will be expiring soon, you'll need to renew it through the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

For details about other types of driver's licenses or permit in CT, please go to any of our following pages:

REAL IDs in Connecticut

The Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles now issues both federally-compliant REAL ID driver's licenses as well as non-compliant licenses. A REAL ID allows you to use your CT driver's license as approved identification for activities such as boarding an airplane or entry into federal and military buildings.

If you currently have a standard-issue license, you have the option to upgrade to a REAL ID upon renewal. Most new licenses issued will be verified REAL IDs, but if you don't qualify, you'll receive a non-compliant license—details are outlined below.

When to Renew Your CT Driver's License

The Connecticut DMV allows you to renew your driver's license as early as 180 days before it expires.

Connecticut driver's licenses are valid for 6 years. If you're 65 years old or older, you have the option to renew your driver's license for 2 years.

NOTE: If you have recently moved, you will need to notify the CT DMV of your new address within 48 hours. For more information, please see our Changing Your Address page.

Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Driver's License

If you are in need of a duplicate CT driver's license, you may be able to renew it instead of replacing it. However, please verify this option with your local CT DMV office.

For more information on how to replace a lost, stolen, or damaged driver's license, visit our Replacing a Lost License in Connecticut page.

Expired Driver's License

If you do not renew your CT driver's license on time, you'll be charged a $25 late fee. If you let your driver's license expire for more than 2 years you will be required to take your examinations again as if you were a new driver.

To check the status of your driver's license, you can always get a copy of your Connecticut driving record.

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How to Renew Your Connecticut Driver's License

The Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles will mail your renewal notice to your address on file before your driver's license expires. If you don't receive a renewal form, it's still your responsibility to make sure your driver's license is renewed in a timely fashion. If you've already renewed your license and haven't received it, contact the Connecticut DMV to check your order status

You can renew your CT driver's license by mail (if eligible) and in person at your local Connecticut DMV office or AAA office (will incur an additional charge).

Renew License By Mail

You can only renew your CT driver's license by mail IF you meet one or all of the following criteria:

  • You are an active member of the armed services and a resident of Connecticut.
  • You are temporarily out of state.
  • You are unable to apply in person due to major health conditions.
  • You are serving time in jail. You will be required to provide your inmate number.

If eligible, you will need to send your application before your driver's license expires. Otherwise, you may have to pay a $25 late fee.

You will need:

Mail all of the above to:

Department of Motor Vehicles
Centralized Issuance Operations Unit
60 State Street
Wethersfield, CT 06161

Renew License In Person

To renew your CT driver's license in person, you'll need to visit your local full-service driver's license office and bring:

  • Your current CT driver's license.
    • If you wish to upgrade to a verified REAL ID, you'll need to bring additional identity documents with you when you renew (this is a one-time submission). See the DMV's acceptable documents guide for details.
  • The renewal application you received in the mail.
  • The required documents for a "verified" license through the Real ID Program, if you choose a "verified" renewal.
  • Payment for all necessary driver's license renewal fees.

You can also renew your driver's license at a AAA office in Connecticut. You will be charged a $8 fee for this service.

NOTE: If you changed your name, you'll need to show proof of the change to the CT DMV. Visit our Changing Your Name page for more details.

Out-of-State Residents & Military

Notice for Military Members Stationed in Germany

If you are currently stationed in Germany, please be aware that some states require you to have a valid U.S. driver's license in addition to your USAREUR license. Read our article for more information.

If you're outside of Connecticut when your driver's license is due for a renewal, you can renew it by mail. See Renew Your Connecticut Driver's License above for instructions.

If you're an active-duty military member stationed out of state and your home state is Connecticut, you may renew your driver's license for free. Your current license will need a photo to qualify for mail-in renewal. To do so:

Should you not receive your renewal notice, contact the DMV at  (860) 263-5700. Be ready to provide your driver's license number.

You have 60 days to renew your Connecticut driver's license after you have been honorably discharged from the military. 

Fees to Renew Your CT Driver's License

  • Driver's license:
    • $84 for 51/2 to 7 years.
  • Option for those 65 years old and older: $24 for 2 years.
  • Late fee for renewing an expired license: $25.
  • AAA office convenience fee (per transaction): $8.

You may also need to pay an additional photo fee and exam fee (if applicable). Contact the CT DMV to confirm.

Payments by Mail

If you're renewing your driver's license by mail, you must pay by check, money order, or by credit card.

To pay by credit card, you will need to complete these additional steps:


Application for Waiver of Operator License Fee Because of Active Service in U.S. Armed Forces
Request fee waiver for your CT driver's license if you're an active member of the military OR were honorably discharged. Must be signed by your commanding officer.
Request for a Connecticut Drivers License/Identifications Card by Mail
Request a renewal OR replacement CT driver's license, learner's permit, OR identification card by mail if you cannot go to a DMV agency in person.
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