Registration Renewal in Connecticut


You must renew your vehicle's registration as required by the CT Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Connecticut Registration Renewal Notice

The DMV sends registration renewal notices approximately 45 days before the expiration date. On it you'll find:

  • Registration deadline.
  • Renewal fee.
  • Emissions test requirements.
  • Delinquency issues (unpaid taxes, parking tickets, insurance lapse, etc.) that must be taken care of before you can renew your registration.
  • Your new registration certificate, which is the middle portion of the notice (don't throw it away!).

Didn't Receive a Renewal Notice?

If you did not receive a renewal notice, contact the DMV via an online form. Keep in mind that even though you did not receive a notice, you are still required to renew by your registration certificates's expiration date.

If you moved and did not update your new address with the DMV, you may not receive a renewal notice. To update, submit a completed Change of Address application to the address located on the bottom of the form.

For more information, visit our Changing Your Address page.

Renewing Your CT Vehicle Registration

DID YOU KNOW?: Proof of car insurance is REQUIRED when renewing your registration!

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Renew Online

To use this option, you must have an online PIN listed on your renewal notice and:

  • Not have a suspended registration
  • Not have any outstanding parking tickets or delinquent taxes
  • Not be past due more than the length of your past your registration's time period.
  • Have your current address on file with the DMV
  • Have valid car insurance
  • Have proof of meeting emissions test requirements

If you qualify, follow the instructions found on the online renewal page. You will need:

  • Your PIN, class code and license plate number (all found on your renewal notice)
  • Proof of car insurance
  • A valid e-mail address
  • MasterCard or Visa to pay registration renewal fee

You will receive your new registration certificate in the mail. For peace of mind, confirm your online application was received by the DMV.

If you cannot verify the status of your renewal please call (800) 842-8222.

Renew by Mail

Mail the following:

  • Your completed registration renewal notice
  • Proof of payment of municipal property taxes, if applicable
  • Emissions documents, if applicable
  • Payment for fees using bank check, personal check, or money order

Mail to:

Department of Motor Vehicles
P.O. Box 150456
Hartford, CT 06115

Renew In Person

To renew your Connecticut vehicle registration in person, visit your local CT DMV full service branch or satellite office with:

  • Your current CT vehicle registration.
    • If you do not have your current registration, you will need to provide your CT license plate number.
  • Your CT driver's license.
  • Payment for your renewal fee. (See “Fees to Renew Your CT Vehicle Registration" below.)

Connecticut Registration Renewal Fees

Your renewal notice will indicate the amount owed on your vehicle. Registration fees vary based on vehicle type:

  • Passenger vehicles: $120.
  • Trucks, station wagons, and SUVs: $94 (fees increase based on weight).
  • Motorcycles: $63
  • Commercial vehicles: Fees vary based on the vehicle's weight and renewal cycle (e.g. semi-annual or annual).
  • Federal Clean Air Act Fee for gas and diesel-powered vehicles only― $15 .
  • Passport to the Parks fee: $15 per year.
  • Processing fee (if applicable): Up to $8.

Renewal Late Fees and Penalties

  • $10 late fee for failing to register within 5 calendar days after your registration's expiration date.
  • $20 late fee if required to get your emissions tested, but fail to do so within 30 days of your test date, you may be denied from renewing online.

Accepted Payment Methods

  • Online renewal: MasterCard or VISA credit card only.
  • Mailed-in renewal: Check payable to “DMV."
  • In person renewal at DMV hub offices and limited service offices:
    • Cash.
    • Money order.
    • Personal check/bank check.
    • MasterCard, VISA, and Discover credit card.
    • Most MasterCard and VISA debit cards.

For more information about accepted payment methods, contact your local CT Department of Motor Vehicles office.

Registration Renewal for CT Military Members

If you're on active duty or have been honorably discharged from service in the past 2 years, you may be able to waive the registration renewal fee.

To apply for the fee waiver, submit to your local DMV Office:

Renewing a Non-Operational Vehicle

If you plan to register a non-operational vehicle, keep in mind you must also maintain insurance coverage. Otherwise, cancel your registration and insurance, and return the vehicle's license plates to the CT DMV.

When you're ready to renew the registration on a non-operational vehicle, visit your local DMV office with:

  • The vehicle's license plate number or expired registration certificate.
  • Your CT driver's license.
  • A completed registration application, which you must request via an online application.
  • Proof of auto insurance coverage.
  • Proof of a completed emissions test, if applicable.
  • Payment for registration fees (see above).

CT Emissions Testing

If an emissions test is required, you'll receive a testing notification postcard before you have to renew your registration.

Additional information regarding Connecticut Emissions Testing requirements, including fees and extensions, may be found on our Emissions page.

Connecticut Liability Insurance Requirements

All registered vehicles must carry a minimum amount of liability insurance.

  • $25,000 bodily injury per person.
  • $50,000 bodily injury per accident.
  • $25,000 property damage per accident.

If you allow your insurance coverage to lapse at any time, your registration may be suspended or revoked.

Need more help? Visit our Insurance Center for additional information on CT insurance requirements and licensed providers.

CT Registration Refunds

If you're moving out of state and have at least 1 year remaining on your registration, you may be eligible for a refund of the remainder your fees. Before you leave the state, obtain a Refund Request Form by:

Send the completed form and your vehicle's license plates to:

Department of Motor Vehicles
ATTN: Specialized Registry Services
60 State Street
Wethersfield, CT 06161

Replacement Certificates, Stickers, and License Plates

Visit our License Plates & Placards page for information on obtaining replacement plates, or go to our Replacing a Lost Registration page for help on obtaining replacement license plate stickers.

Replacement Certificates, Stickers, or License Plates

If needed, you can get a duplicate registration. You will have to pay a $9.50 replacement fee.

Your IN license plates must also always be present and legible on your vehicle. If your plates are missing or damaged, get replacement plates from the BMV. Expect to pay a $9.50 sticker replacement fee.

Connecticut Registration Renewal: FAQs

Is there a grace period for late vehicle registration renewals in Connecticut?

The Connecticut DMV offers a grace period of 5 calendar days after your registration's expiration, after which you will owe a $10 late fee.

How much does it cost to renew a Connecticut car registration?

Registration renewal fees in Indiana depend on several factors, including your vehicle type, plate fees, administration fees, and others. The base fee for standard passenger vehicles is $120, before any additional taxes and fees.

What do I need to renew my car registration in Connecticut?

To renew your Connecticut vehicle registration, you'll need your license plate number, renewal notice, CT driver's license, and payment for your renewal fee.

When will I get my renewal notice in Connecticut?

The Connecticut DMV should send a registration renewal notice approximately 45 days prior to your vehicle's registration expiration date.

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