DMV Practice Tests in Connecticut

SUMMARY: DMV Practice Tests in Connecticut

Practice tests can help you review and prepare for the Connecticut written test. They come in several formats, including online tests and printable study guides. Taking a practice test can help you pass the CT Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) test on your first attempt.

Keep reading to learn more about DMV practice tests in Connecticut.

Benefits of Practice Tests

When you're ready to get your learner's permit, motorcycle license, or commercial driver's license (CDL), taking the Connecticut DMV written knowledge test can feel stressful; but it doesn't have to be!

Connecticut practice tests can help you prepare for the DMV knowledge exam by giving you a chance to:

  • Learn and review the material in the CT DMV handbook.
  • Answer sample questions similar to the real test questions.
  • Identify topics where you need more practice or review.

Practice tests, online prep courses, and printable study guides are all available to help reduce your test anxiety and ensure that you feel confident when you take your permit test.

Types of Practice Tests in Connecticut

You can choose from several types of practice tests and study guides to help you prepare for the CT DMV written knowledge test.

  • Online practice tests:
    • Learner's permit practice test: Perfect if you're a teen driver getting your learner's permit.
    • Driver's license practice test: Ideal if you're applying for a CT driver's license.
    • Examen de practica para la licencia: Driver's license practice test in Spanish.
    • Road signs practice test: A great choice if you need extra help with CT traffic signs.
    • Motorcycle license practice test: Includes questions about road rules specific to motorcycle riders.
    • Commercial driver's license (CDL) practice test: Preparation for the basic CDL test.
    • CDL endorsement practice tests: Practice for specific CDL classes. Learn more on our CDL Endorsements page.
  • Online test preparation videos:
    • An online course that lasts about an hour and covers Connecticut traffic rules and regulations using videos and multimedia.
  • Printable study guides:
    • Clear and compact printable guides for review of key information, signs, and driving regulations.

You can try multiple practice test options to enhance your preparation and find the format that works best for your learning needs.

Taking the CT Knowledge Test

You must make an appointment with the CT DMV in order to take the driver's license test.

When you go to the Connecticut DMV office, be sure to take:

  • Payment for the $40 testing fee.
  • Your glasses or contacts for the vision test, if required.

See our Driver's Permit in CT page for a complete list of required documents and forms.

To pass the CT written knowledge test for a learner's permit, you must correctly answer 20 questions out of 25 questions.

If you fail the exam, you cannot retake it for at least 7 days. To retake the written test, you'll need to:

Avoid having to return to the CT DMV office and paying additional fees to retake the test by preparing for your written knowledge test with a practice test.

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