Lost Traffic Ticket in Connecticut

If you've lost your CT traffic ticket, you can submit a request for ticket information to the Centralized Infractions Bureau (CIB) by phone or e-mail. To find out about your lost ticket, you'll need to provide your name and birth date.

Connecticut implements a streamlined system for finding lost traffic ticket information.

The Centralized Infractions Bureau (CIB) will find your Connecticut traffic ticket information for you. Just call the CIB at (860) 263-2750 (Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.) or e-mail the agency at Centralized.InfractionsBureau@jud.ct.gov.

Be prepared to provide your full name and date of birth to the CIB when requesting your traffic ticket search.

Lost Traffic Ticket Contents

When you contact the CIB for traffic ticket information, be sure to gather details about:

  • Any required traffic court appearance.
    • If you must appear in court, ask for court location, date, and time.
  • Your specific traffic violation and citation number.
  • The deadline to respond to your traffic ticket.
    • You might respond by pleading “no contest" or “nolo contendere," or you might plead “not guilty" and request a hearing.
  • Your payment options and acceptable payment methods.
    • These can depend on your violation and where you must make the payment.

CT Traffic Ticket Plea Options

Once you obtain your lost ticket information, you can plead to your CT traffic ticket in one of two ways:

  • "No contest" or "nolo contendere."
  • "Not guilty."

When you plead "no contest," you can pay your traffic ticket fine online or by mail and put the situation behind you. The CT Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) won't even add any points to your driving record. (Your traffic violation will still appear on your CT driving record.) You may want to get in touch with your local CT DMV office if you have any further questions.

Pleading "not guilty" means fighting the CT traffic ticket in court which involves scheduling and preparing for a hearing, going before a judge, and pleading your case. Once you have details from your lost traffic ticket, you'll be able to determine how to proceed.

NOTE: If your CT traffic ticket is a violation, as opposed to an infraction, you might have to appear in traffic court no matter how you plan to plead.

Visit our Paying Your Traffic Ticket and Fighting Your Traffic Ticket sections to learn more about your options in Connecticut.

If you need additional counsel, you may want to consider hiring a Connecticut traffic ticket attorney.

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