Operator Retraining Program in Connecticut

SUMMARY: Operator Retraining Programs in Connecticut

If you commit traffic violations, the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) can add points to your driving record. Too many points can lead to a driver's license suspension, and you may be required to complete an operator retraining program.

Defensive driving courses/traffic school may be an option if you want to dismiss a traffic ticket or earn an auto insurance discount.

If you complete a defensive driving voluntarily, you may not only be eligible for lower car insurance rates, but you will develop safer driving skills which are crucial to avoiding traffic accidents and violations in the future.

On this page you'll find information about operator retraining programs and defensive driving courses in Connecticut.

Connecticut Operator Retraining Programs

An operator retraining program/driver improvement course is required by the Connecticut DMV if you are:

  • 24 years old or younger and have received 2 moving violations or suspension offenses.
  • 25 years old or older and have received 3 moving violations or suspension offenses.
  • Convicted of driving over 75 MPH in a highway construction zone.
  • A commercial driver's license (CDL) holder and are convicted of driving over 65 MPH in a highway construction zone.

If you're required to attend traffic school, the Connecticut DMV will tell you when it must be completed by.

You'll need to contact one of the following traffic school/driver improvement program providers:

  • A Better Connecticut Driver: (866) 236-6989.
  • The National Safety Council: (800) 210-6407.
  • Driver Education Station: (800) 381-8729.
  • National Traffic Safety Institute: (866) 455-6874.

Your operator retraining program/defensive driving course will cost $85 .

NOTE: At this time, the Connecticut DMV does not accept online defensive driving courses to satisfy the operator retraining requirement.

If you fail to complete a course by the deadline set by the CT DMV, your driver's license can be suspended.

For more information, please contact the Connecticut DMV or visit our pages on the following topics:

Defensive Driving Options in Connecticut

If you are not required by the Connecticut DMV to complete a operator retraining defensive course, you may be able to complete traffic school to:

  • Dismiss a traffic ticket and avoid accumulating any driving record points.
  • Earn a safe driver auto insurance discount.

Your eligibility to take traffic school will be determined by your court or insurance provider and your personal driving history.

Dismiss a Traffic Ticket With Traffic School

If you received a traffic ticket for a minor moving violation and pleaded not guilty, your Connecticut court/prosecutor may allow you to complete a defensive driving course to dismiss your ticket.

The court will make this determination on a case-by-case basis depending on the nature of your offense.

For more information, please contact your local Connecticut court handling your case.

Earn a Connecticut Car Insurance Discount

Defensive driving courses taken voluntarily may qualify you for a car insurance discount.

While this discount is usually offered if you are over 60 years old or a teenage driver, you may be eligible regardless of your age.

Contact your car insurance provider for more information.

CT Defensive Driving Course Details

Connecticut traffic school/defensive driving courses, whether required or taken voluntarily, will generally cover topics including:

  • Safe driving practices.
  • Good driving behaviors and attitudes.
  • Connecticut traffic laws.
  • Sharing the road.

The course will end with a final exam.

Once you pass the test, your course provider will usually electronically submit your completion certificate to the court or CT DMV and provide you with a hard copy.

While drivers who are required to complete an operator retraining program must complete a course in the classroom, if you take defensive driving voluntarily, you may have the option of completing the Connecticut defensive driving course online.

Always check with your insurance provider or court before enrolling in a course.

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