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SUMMARY: How to Change Your Address in Connecticut

If you've had an address change in Connecticut, you'll need to inform the DMV of your new address by mail. You can then request updated documents (e.g. driver’s license, registration, title) showing your new address.

Learn how to change your address on your Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) documents by reading this page.

Change Your Address with the CT DMV

When you move to a new address in Connecticut, you must notify the CT DMV within 48 hours of the change.

You will need to complete a Change of Address and Organ/Tissue Donor Status (Form B-58) and send it to:

Department of Motor Vehicles
60 State Street
Wethersfield, CT 06161
Attn: Data Entry Change of Address Unit

This will update your DMV records only. Continue reading this page to learn how to update your driver's license/ID card and vehicle documents.

Just Moved?

Find all the information you need to finish your moving requirements with the DMV.

Driver's License/ID Card Address Change

Once you've updated your Connecticut DMV records ( see above), you can either request an address label to stick to your driver's license or ID card, or pay for a replacement card.

Request an Address Label

To request an address label to attach to your current driver's license/ID card, call either:

  • Your local police department.
  • The Connecticut DMV at (800) 842-8222 for in state but outside of Hartford or (860) 263-5700 for in Hartford or out of state.

When you receive the label, attach it to the back of your card.

Replace Your Driver's License/ID Card

If you'd like a replacement Connecticut ID card or driver's license showing your new address, complete instructions can be found on our following pages:

You will need to submit various documents and pay the duplicate card fee.

NOTE: When you renew your driver's license or ID card, your new address will be printed on the card.

CT Title & Registration Address Change

Once you've informed the CT DMV of your new address ( see above), you can simply correct your registration card by crossing out your old address and writing in your new address in the provided space.

If you'd like a replacement registration or certificate of title showing your new address, see our following pages for more information:

If you're moving from Connecticut to another state, you'll need to return your license plates to the CT DMV before you leave. This ensures you don't continue to be charged CT property taxes for your vehicle after you move.

New Connecticut Residents

If you've moved to Connecticut from another state, you'll need to inform the CT DMV of your address by applying for your driver's license and registering your car.

Transfer Your Out-of-State Driver's License

Once you've moved to Connecticut, remember to transfer your out-of-state driver's license within 30 days of becoming a resident. You will need to visit your local CT DMV office in person and:

  • Present the required documents.
  • Provide your out-of-state driver's license.
  • Pass a vision exam.
  • Pay the application fee of $40.
  • Pay the $72 driver's license fee.

For more information, visit our Applying for a New License (Drivers 18+) or Applying for a New License (Teen Drivers) page.

Register Your Out-of-State Car

The Connecticut DMV gives you 60 days to register your out-of-state vehicle in the state. You will need to have your vehicle pass an emissions test and have the vehicle identification number (VIN) verified first.

Once you've completed these two tasks, you'll need to visit your local Connecticut DMV office in person with various documents and payment for the registration fee.

For more information, visit our Car Registration page.

Change Your Name in Connecticut

Have you recently been married, divorced, or changed your name for any other reason? If you have, you'll need to inform the CT DMV and obtain updated documents.

Visit our Changing Your Name page for complete instructions.



Change of Address and Organ/Tissue Donor Status - B-58

Use this form to notify the CT Department of Motor Vehicles of an address change (to be reflected on your records) OR to register to vote OR to change your voting information

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