Applying for Special Plates in Connecticut

SUMMARY: Apply for Specialty CT License Plates

In Connecticut, you can apply for most special plates in person, by mail or online. You can also order most styles as personalized vanity plates. You renew your plates along with your registration renewal. If you need to replace your lost, stolen, or damaged specialty plates, you'll do so with standard plates BEFORE you get identical replacements. If you sell your car, you can transfer your plates to another car registered in your name. Fees for special plates vary by type.

The Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) offers several different special license plates for registered vehicles within the state.

Continue reading to learn more about applying for special plates in CT.

Applying for Special CT License Plates

To apply for several types of specialty plates in Connecticut, take the following steps:

Most of the plate designs available through this application process are available off the shelf. This means that you can obtain these plates when you visit the DMV to register a new car. This does NOT apply to plates you wish to have personalized.

Veteran Plates

In addition to taking the above steps, anyone ordering a Veteran plate must also submit one of the following:

  • DD 214.
  • Active service ID.
  • Connecticut license or ID with U.S. flag symbol.

Disability Plates

Currently, Connecticut only offers disability plates to qualifying people with registered motorcycles.

Parking permits for drivers with disabilities are available for passenger vehicles.

For more detailed information, visit our CT Disability Plates and Placards page.

Other Specialty License Plates

The Connecticut DMV offers several specialty plates that are not listed on the Special Order Plate Application (Form M-22).

For information on how to apply for these special plates:

  • Visit the CT DMV website.
  • Click on your desired plate.
  • Use the contact information provided.

Vanity (Personalized) Plates

You can use the Special Order Plate Application (Form M-22) to order a personalized plate with a standard or special design background.

Completed applications for vanity plates must be submitted by mail to:

Department of Motor Vehicles
Customized Plates Unit
60 State Street
Wethersfield, CT 06161

Renewing CT Specialty Plates

Your license plates are renewed as part of your vehicle registration renewal every 2 years.

Not that some plates will require an additional plate renewal fee on top of your normal registration renewal fees.

For more information, visit our Registration Renewal page.

Fees for Plate Applications

Specialty license plate fees vary depending on plate type. You can find detailed fee tables on the Special Order Plate Application (Form M-22).

For information about fees for plates not listed in the form, contact the individual listed under your desired plate on the CT DMV website.

Replacing & Transferring a CT Specialty Plate

Replacing Special Plates

If your Connecticut specialty license plates are stolen or purposefully damaged, make a report to the police as soon as possible.

To get replacements for lost, stolen, or damaged plates, bring the following to your local DMV Hub or Limited Service Office:

  • A written police report (if you have one).
  • Any remaining plates (if only one was stolen, lost, or damaged).
  • Your registration certificate.
  • Your current auto insurance card.
  • A completed Lost or Stolen Maker Plate (Form E-159).
  • A completed Registration Affidavit (Form B-301).
  • Payment for the $5 replacement fee.
    • NOTE: If you do not have a police report, the replacement fee will be $25.

You will be issued off-the-shelf plates to replace your lost, stolen, or damaged, plates. If you want identical replacement plates, you must then:

If you do not order an identical replacement of your plates, the DMV can release your plate number to the general public.

Transferring Specialty Plates

If you sell a vehicle with specialty plates, you may transfer those plates to another car that is currently registered under your name.

There will be a $21 transfer fee.

Contact your local DMV for more information on how to transfer your plates.


Lost or Stolen Marker Plates
Notify the DMV if your Connecticut license plates have been lost or stolen.
Registration Affidavit
You must complete this affidavit when requesting replacement license plates from the Department of Motor Vehicles.
Replacement Application for Identical Plate
Request replacement Connecticut license plates if your originals were lost, stolen, destroyed, or of the wrong class.
Special Order Plate Application
Order vanity AND/OR specialty CT license plates from the DMV.
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