Commercial Drivers License Practice Test

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Then get further prepared for the written portion of the commercial driver's license test by purchasing a 100-question or 50-question practice tests. These CDL practice tests are created from our bank of CDL practice test questions and are designed to prepare you for the basics. These practices test are useful for those looking to get their chauffeur license, bus drivers, transport and more. Also consider studying the DMV CDL handbook to reference all rules of the road pertaining to commercial drivers.

NOTE: See our CDL endorsements, for study guides on CDL hazmat training, CDL general knowledge, Class A, B and C CDL license endorsement and more.

Free Commercial Drivers License (CDL) Practice Test

1. If you park along side the road at night, you must:
2. Water is the best way to put out a fire when the fuel is:
3. Before you can take the driving portion to get your commercial drivers license, you will need to:
4. To help ensure passenger safety, bus drivers should always check to make sure the following are all in working order:
5. You have to study and pass a test before you are granted a commercial drivers license:
6. The tendency for long commercial vehicles to swing wide on turns is called:
7. The maximum weight that a tire can carry at a specific tire pressure is called:

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