Traffic Ticket Attorneys in Colorado

SUMMARY: Traffic Ticket Attorneys in Colorado

Hiring a traffic ticket attorney can be an important step in fighting your traffic ticket. Considering the many consequences of a traffic violation conviction, it is easy to understand how a lawyer can benefit you. Once you are ready to find legal representation, use our tips for hiring a traffic ticket lawyer.

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When you get a citation, you do not have to accept the charges against you and pay the fines. You can fight your traffic ticket.

Several traffic ticket attorneys are available to assist you in Colorado. With a traffic ticket lawyer, you can rest assured that you have a knowledgeable and experienced person on your side.

Hiring a CO Traffic Ticket Attorney

An experienced and effective traffic ticket lawyer can:

  • Represent you in court or administrative hearing.
  • Have your charges dropped or reduced.
  • Help you avoid large fines associated with a conviction.
  • Assist you with personal injury claims related to a car crash.
  • Help keep your car insurance rates from inflating as a result of a ticket.

Citations and Potential Consequences

Consequences for traffic violation convictions vary but they can be very serious. Understanding these consequences can shed light on the benefits of hiring a traffic ticket lawyer to fight your citation.

In Colorado, traffic violation convictions can lead to:

  • Points on your driving record.
  • Driver's license suspension.
  • Increase in your car insurance rates.


Points are added to your Colorado driving record upon the conviction of a traffic violation.

If you accumulate an excess of points, you will be notified of a hearing where your driver's license may be suspended.

You can learn more about the Colorado point system by visiting our DMV Point System in Colorado page.

Driver's License Suspension

In addition to a points suspension, your license can be suspended or revoked upon the conviction of the following major violations:

  • DUI.
  • Vehicular manslaughter.
  • Committing a felony while using a motor vehicle.
  • Hit and run.

Because these charges are very serious, it's smart to seek legal representation when facing them. Traffic ticket attorneys are generally very experienced at handling these types of cases.

Car Insurance Rates

Your driving record is a critical factor in the determination of your car insurance rates. Your car insurance will use your record to assess your risk factor and set the price of your premium.

Just one traffic violation conviction on your driving record has the potential of increasing your car insurance rates by hundreds of dollars.

Keep in mind that in order to legally drive on Colorado roads, you must have car insurance.

By hiring a traffic ticket attorney, you increase the chances of keeping a conviction off of your record and saving money on car insurance.

Tips for Hiring a Traffic Ticket Lawyer in CO

When you are ready to hire a traffic ticket attorney, consider these following tips to help ensure you get the right person for the job:

  • Check credentials.
    • Make sure your attorney is legally allowed to represent you in court.
  • Find client reviews to get feedback on the attorney's services.
  • Contact more than one lawyer.
    • Try not to hire the first attorney you contact.
  • If possible, hire an attorney who works extensively in the area where your ticket was written.
    • Your lawyer's knowledge and experience with the local justice system can work to your advantage.

Facing traffic violation charges can be very stressful. Knowing that you have the expertise of a reliable traffic ticket lawyer can help ease that stress.

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