Car Inspection in Colorado

In Colorado, vehicle inspections are conducted by the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Your inspection requirements vary based on where you live and what type of vehicle you drive.

New to Colorado?

Once you become a resident, you have 30 days to get a Colorado driver's license and 90 days to register your vehicle.

You may need to get an emissions inspection before you can register your vehicle. Whether or not you need an emissions inspection depends on where you live or what type of vehicle you might have. All the requirements and exemptions are listed below.

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Verification

Any vehicle purchased in another state and being registered in Colorado must have a VIN verification performed, UNLESS:

  • It was purchased from a dealer or out-of-state seller as brand new;
  • Your Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin (MCO), dealer receipt, or bill of sale clearly states that the vehicle was purchased as new.

Otherwise, you can get a VIN verification done at all law enforcement offices, car dealerships, and certain automotive care and repair businesses. There will be fees charged for VIN verifications, and prices vary from place to place.

Go to the Colorado State Patrol website to find your district and an office to visit for the VIN verification.

CO Smog Check Requirements

Whether you are required to get a Colorado emissions test depends on where you live. If you either reside or work in the emissions testing area, your vehicle will need to be inspected. Some counties require testing throughout the entire county, while others only require it in parts of the county. For more information, please call (303) 205-5603.

The following counties require emissions testing throughout the entire county:

  • Boulder.
  • Broomfield.
  • Denver.
  • Douglas.
  • Jefferson.

Counties that only require emissions testing in certain parts of the county are:

  • Adams.
  • Arapahoe.
  • Larimer.
  • Weld.

El Paso County requires ONLY diesel inspections and those are limited to certain parts of the county.

There are maps available to see if you live or work in an emissions testing area. You may also contact your county Division of Motor Vehicles office to see if your vehicle requires an emissions test. For other questions about emissions call (303) 205-5903.

Vehicles Requiring Emissions Testing

The type of test you receive, and how often you get it, depends upon the type and model year of your vehicle. Hybrids follow the same emissions requirements as gas powered vehicles.

  • Passenger cars and light trucks:
    • Model year 1991 to 2016: OBDI test every 2 years.
    • Model year 1982 and newer: I/M 240 emissions test, performed every 2 years.
    • Model year 1981 and older: The two-speed idle test, performed annually.
  • Heavy duty vehicles: Varies by vehicle type.
    • NOTE: Testing must be completed at an I/M 240 testing station, even though you are getting an idle test.
  • Diesel vehicles:
    • New diesel vehicles are exempt from emissions testing for 4 years. After that, they must be tested every 2 years.
    • Any diesel vehicle under 10 model years  needs to be tested every 2 years.
    • Any diesel vehicle which are 10 model years or older is required to undergo emissions testing annually.
    • Large fleets of diesel vehicles (9 vehicles or more) are subject to self-inspection and certification.
    • Small fleets and individual diesel vehicles must be inspected at a diesel inspection station.
  • Collector vehicles (defined as vehicles at lease  1975 or older and meeting other specific requirements): Testing varies by vehicle. Vehicles built in 1975 and before can be registered as collector and may not be required to have an emissions inspection  Please contact the Colorado Department of Revenue a (303) 205-5603 for more information.

CO Emissions Testing Exemptions

If you do not live within the inspection areas listed above, you are exempt from emissions testing.

There are very few vehicle exemptions to the emissions testing program within the inspection areas. Exempt vehicles include:

  • Vehicles for the first 7 model years.
  • Motorcycles.
  • Vehicles registered as:
    • Horseless carriages.
    • Street rods.
    • Kit cars.

Colorado Emissions Inspection Fees

The amount you will pay for your emissions inspection depends on the model year of your vehicle, and whether it is gasoline or diesel powered.

  • Gasoline vehicles model year 1982 and newer: $25.
  • Gasoline vehicles model year 1981 and older: $25.
  • Heavy duty trucks: $25.
  • Diesel vehicles: cost is determined by inspection station.
  • VIN verification: $25.

Failed CO Emissions Tests & Waivers

Your vehicle will fail the emissions inspection if:

  • It fails any one of the standards being tested for.
  • Any of your emissions equipment is not working properly.

Your vehicle inspection report will explain what part of the test your vehicle failed. You will need to make repairs to your vehicle and get it retested, and pay any fees charged by the inspection center for the retest.

Safety Inspection Failures

Although there is no safety inspection required, the inspection station may fail your vehicle if it has inoperable parts, is unsafe to inspect, or has fluid issues. Some reasons a vehicle may be determined unsafe or inoperable are:

  • Alignment issues making it unstable on the dynamometer.
  • Dashboard lights warning of an equipment malfunction or low fluid levels.
  • Inoperable driver door.
  • Ineffective brakes.
  • An overheating engine.
  • Fluid leaks.
  • Transmission issues causing faulty shifting.

This is not a complete list. Each inspection station will determine independently whether the vehicle is unfit to be inspected for any reason.

Completing a Vehicle Inspection Retest

If you had your vehicle tested at an Air Care Colorado testing center, you may be able to get a retest if you repair your vehicle and return to any one of the Air Care Colorado testing centers.

CO Emissions Inspection Waivers

Repair Waiver

If you have made repairs to your vehicle and still fail your emissions retest, you may be able to get an emissions waiver in order to register your vehicle. The waiver is good for one emissions testing cycle.

To apply for a waiver, the repairs must have been made by a professional mechanic, and you must have spent up to or more than the amount required for gas vehicles model year 1968 and newer: $715

If you believe you qualify for the repair waiver, you may contact the CO Division of Motor Vehicles at (303) 205-5603. Make sure to keep all receipts to prove the amount paid.

Economic Hardship Waiver

You may qualify for an economic hardship waiver if you are getting financial aid from an approved program, and your failed vehicle is your only method of transportation. There are no minimum repairs required to qualify.

If you believe you qualify for the hardship waiver, call the Colorado DMV at (303) 205-5603.

CO Emissions Inspection Stations

All gasoline vehicles manufactured since 1982 are required to use the Air Care Colorado inspection stations, which are the official entities contracted by the state of Colorado. Use the interactive Air Care Colorado map to find stations and see what the wait times are at each station.

Gasoline vehicles manufactured through 1981 can go to any of the Air Care Colorado inspection stations or use an approved independent testing station.

Diesel vehicle testing centers can be found on this diesel test centers map.

Out-of-State Emissions Testing in Colorado

Colorado residents who are out of state at the time they are supposed to renew their registration can apply for an extension or get an emissions test from another state.

Many states have their own emissions testing program. Out-of state-residents will need to get an emissions test from the state where they are currently staying.

If the state you are in does not have emissions inspection requirements, you can apply for a temporary exemption. The exemption will allow you to renew your registration, but you will be required to pass an emissions test within 15 days of returning to Colorado.

To complete your emissions inspection requirements or apply for a temporary exemption from out of state:


DR 2698
Verification of Vehicle Identification Number
Form required to verify the VIN on a Colorado vehicle previously titled/registered out-of-state OR to correct a title. Must be completed by a DMV-approved VIN verification provider.
DR 2376
Application for an Affidavit of Emissions Extension
Submit this form to the Colorado DMV to request an extension on your vehicle emissions test if you're out-of-state when the deadline elapses.
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