Organ Donation in Colorado

Organ Donation in Colorado

Organ donation registration is handled through the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in partnership with an organization called Donate Life Colorado.

In Colorado alone, more than 1,500 people are currently on a waiting list for a life saving organ transplant. There is a huge demand for kidneys, though in 2014 26% of people on that waiting list are also waiting for a liver.

You may be shocked to learn that 16% of the individuals on that waiting list have been in that position for at least 5 years.

By signing up as an organ donor in Colorado today, you could ultimately give multiple people a second chance at life upon your death.

Making the Decision to Donate

For many, the decision to become an organ donor is a difficult but important choice. There are so many questions to consider including how the process will affect your loved ones, religion, and conscience.

Yet, the majority of religions encourage the act with enthusiastic approval, viewing it as the ultimate gift of charity. Moreover, the cost is taken care of by the recovery agencies. There is no fee associated with your decision to become an organ donor in the state of Colorado. Additionally, your family or next of kin will not be charged for your donation at the time of your death. Likewise, as a parent, you will not be responsible for fees associated with your kids.

In the end, your donation can save the lives of 8 people and can help countless more through tissue donation.

For more information about the common misconceptions surrounding organ donation, please read our page about Organ Donation Myths.

Register as a Colorado Organ Donor

You can sign up to become an organ donor online or in person at your local CO DMV office.

The age requirement to register on your own behalf as an adult is 18 years old. While parents can register on behalf of their children, each child in question must be at least 13 years old.

After you register, you should tell your friends and family about your decision. Your loved ones will ultimately need to sign off on the organs to be donated, and giving them your wishes in advance will save them from having to make a very difficult decision during their time of loss.

NOTE: You need a driver's license or state ID card along with a valid Social Security number to register to become an organ donor in the state of Colorado.


You can also register online by:

  • Utilizing, a national registry database that carries your registration with you from state to state.
  • Visiting the Colorado Donate Lifewebsite.

In Person

Becoming a donor and joining the confidential Colorado Organ and Tissue Donor Registry is as simple as checking the "yes" box when asked about donor preferences on the driver license, permit, or ID card applications.

When you receive the final document, a small red heart with the letter "Y" in the middle of it will appear in the lower right corner. On the flipside, if you choose, you can indicate specific organs or tissue to donate, or check the "any needed" line. Sign your name in the space provided and you are officially giving the gift of life.

Informative brochures are available at any Colorado driver license office.

Update Your Organ Donation Information

You can change or update your organ donor profile online by visiting the Donate Life Colorado website.

What Happens Next

Once you become an eligible organ donor, you should inform your family of the important decision that you've made; at the time of your death, the hospital will contact them for confirmation. Your organ donor wishes will then be carried out by medical professionals based on the specifications you made at the time that you registered. If you indicated that you only wanted to donate some but not all of your organs or tissue, for example, those restrictions are guaranteed to be adhered to.

Ways You Can Support Organ Donation

In addition to becoming an organ donor in the state of Colorado, there are also a number of other additional ways that you can support organ donation, Donate Life Colorado, and the other important organizations that are leading the way in organ donation and distribution throughout the state. You can:

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