Online Services in Colorado

If you live in scenic Colorado, you probably don't want to spend too much time cooped up inside. Fortunately, Colorado provides online driver and vehicle services so you can quickly return to the great outdoors.

CO Online Vehicle Services

Typically, online vehicle services are handled through the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Additionally, there are several third-party vendors that offer time-saving services, often not provided by the DMV.

Colorado DMV Vehicle Services

The CO Division of Motor Vehicles provides the following vehicle-related online services:

CO Vehicle Services Offered by Private Vendors

You can use a private vendor to fulfill certain vehicle-related needs, including:

  • Search for motorcycle insurance.
    • For your bike and bank account's sake, choose an insurance company that'll give you extensive coverage at a competitive rate.
  • Find auto insurance.
    • Using a private company to compare the rates and plans of all your auto insurance options will ensure you're making the best decision.
  • Extend your vehicle's warranty.
    • Worry less and invest in a subsequent, extended warranty on your vehicle.
  • Order a vehicle history report (VHR).
    • Before buying a new car, make sure you order a VHR and/or VIN check to ensure the vehicle is a legal and reliable purchase.

Online Colorado License & Record Services

Thanks to the convenience of online services offered by the Colorado DMV and third party companies, you can now complete many record and license requests from the comfort of your own home. Whether you need to obtain personal records or renew your Colorado driver's license, all you need is internet access to get the job done.

CO State Agency Online Services

You can make the following Colorado license and record-related requests using the online services provided by the DMV and other CO agencies:

Third Party CO License & Record Services

Here are your options and benefits when it comes to making license and record-related requests through third party companies:

  • Driving records.
    • If you need access to your driving record for insurance or professional reasons, a private company will provide you with the fastest results.
  • Vital records.
    • Avoid the hassles of dealing with state agency processes and allow a private company provide you with all types of vital records (birth, death, marriage, divorce).
  • Court records.
    • Should you choose to request court records through a third party vendor, they'll do the bureaucratic legwork for you.
  • Background checks.
    • Protect yourself and your company by conducting speedy background checks on people you're thinking about hiring.
  • Name change.
    • Private companies can ensure your name is changed across several state agency databases with just one request.
  • Rushed passport.
    • When you need to leave the country in a hurry, go through a private company to get an expedited passport.
  • International Driver's Permit (IDP).
    • Before you drive abroad, make sure you have an IDP for stress-free travels.

Online Driver's Ed Services in Colorado

From studying for your driver's license exam to taking points off your record, Driver's Ed is a must for every driver at some point. The Colorado DMV doesn't offer online Driver's Ed services, but you can still go through a trusted third party vendor for your driver education needs, including:

When you are facing a traffic ticket or other legal obstacles, being well-prepared is key. The CO Division of Motor Vehicles doesn't directly offer legal services, but a private company can help you with:

  • Finding a DUI attorney.
    • When sorting out DUI charges, you can use a private vendor to compare the effectiveness and price of your options for representation.
  • Hiring a traffic ticket attorney.
    • If you want to fight a traffic ticket, make sure you have a competent (and affordable) attorney at your side.
  • Paying traffic tickets.
    • Save yourself from the time and confusion that comes with using the DMV, and easily pay your traffic tickets online.
  • Identity theft protection.
    • In the long run, taking precautionary steps to protect your personal information and assets is well worth the investment.

Miscellaneous Online Services in Colorado

In addition to the services mentioned above, you can use the Colorado state departments' online services to:

  • Update your emergency contact information.
  • Access forms.
  • Schedule DMV appointments.
  • Manage your International Registration Plan (for interstate commercial drivers).
  • Register to vote.
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