Lost Traffic Ticket in Colorado

If you've lost your CO traffic ticket, the agency you must contact will depend on the type of traffic ticket and its issue date. Continue reading to learn how to find your lost traffic ticket.

When conducting a traffic ticket search, the agency you contact depends on when you received the ticket.

You must contact the:

  • Troop Office for a traffic ticket issued fewer than 14 days OR a ticket that requires a court appearance.
    • Check the district map for to find the district where you received the ticket.
  • Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for tickets issued more than 14 days AND does not require a court appearance.
    • Call the CO DMV Penalty Assessment Unit at (303) 205-5610 directly for lost traffic ticket information.
  • Presiding Court in the area in which you received the ticket.
    • Refer to the state's Courts by County for contact information.
    • Generally, this is only if the Troop Office or CO DMV can't help you.

Traffic Court Appearances

Once you retrieve your lost traffic ticket information, there are a few things you need to understand about traffic court appearances:

  • When a Troop Office-issued citation requires a court appearance, you must contact that Troop Office for court details.
  • The CO DMV does not handle tickets that require a court appearance; thus, don't contact them for ticket details if you know you must appear in court.

Lost Traffic Ticket Details

Once you determine which agency is handling your CO traffic ticket, make sure a representative provides you with the following crucial information:

  • Your court date and time, if applicable.
    • Again, the CO DMV doesn't handle citations that require court appearances; the Troop Office or your presiding court will help you.
  • Details specific to your traffic ticket, including:
    • The violation.
    • The citation number.
  • Information about paying your traffic ticket fine, including:
    • The exact amount of the fine and any additional court costs and/or surcharges.
    • The deadline to pay the fine.
    • Eligible payment options such as online, by mail, or in person.
    • Accepted payment methods such as cash, personal checks, or credit cards.
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