DMV Forms in Colorado

The Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) offers many of its forms online for your convenience.

The forms are accessible in PDF format to download and print. If you do not have Adobe Reader, you can download the latest free version.

NOTE: If a form is not listed below, it may not be available online.

All the forms are also available at any driver license office or title and registration office.

Most Requested Forms

DR 2460
Affidavit of Liability and Guardianship
Form used to verify liability and guardianship for a minor learning how to drive. Must be signed before a CO Division of Motor Vehicles agent OR notary public.
DR 2395
Application for Title and/or Registration
Application to title AND/OR register a vehicle with the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles.
Application for a Social Security Card
Apply for an original, duplicate, OR corrected Social Security card. Submit the completed form at your local Social Security office.
DR 2285
Change of Address
Use this form to change your address with the CO Division of Motor Vehicles AND/OR for voting registration purposes.
DR 2324
Drive Time Log Sheet
Use this form to track supervised driving hours for teen drivers, required by the DMV to earn a Colorado driver's license.

Driver's License & ID Forms

DR 2153
Affidavit of Colorado Drivers License or ID Theft
Take this form and a police report to your local driver's license office if your Colorado driver's license OR identification card was stolen.
DR 2314
Affidavit of Financial Responsibility
To reinstate your driving privileges following involvement in an accident, submit this affidavit to the CO DMV stating you don't owe money for damages relating to the accident.
Application for IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number
Submit this application for a taxpayer ID number (required for a Colorado driver's license/ID card) if you don't have proof of lawful U.S. presence and cannot apply for a Social Security number.
DR 2870
Application for Reinstatement
Application to have your suspended CO driver's license reinstated.
DR 2598
You must submit this form to the Division of Motor Vehicles when you apply to reinstate your CO driver's license after suspension for a DUI OR refusing a chemical test.
DR 2316
Financial Responsibility Requirements
DMV's checklist of required steps and documents needed to prevent license suspension OR to reinstate your CO driver's license after involvement in an accident.
DR 2748
ID Card Renewal Application and Voter Registration
Application to renew your Colorado identification card AND/OR register to vote.
DR 2559
Permission to Release Driver Records to Self or Another Person
Give the DMV permission to release your Colorado driving record to yourself OR to someone else.
DR 2989
Reissue Out-of-State Extension
Request a duplicate instruction permit or minor driver's license OR an extension on your CO driver's license, for reasons allowed by law.
DR 5714
Request for Copy of Tax Returns
Request a copy of past tax returns from the Colorado Department of Revenue. This may be required if you can't prove temporary lawful presence in the U.S. when applying for your CO driver's license. Form must be notarized.
DR 2489
Requestor Release and Affidavit of Intended Use
Complete this form when requesting another person's driving record.

Title & Registration Forms

DR 2410
Application for Salvage Title
Use this form to apply for a salvage title for a vehicle.
DR 2376
Application for an Affidavit of Emissions Extension
Submit this form to the Colorado DMV to request an extension on your vehicle emissions test if you're out-of-state when the deadline elapses.
DR 2710
Branded Title Disclosure Statement
Submit this form to the CO Division of Motor Vehicles when selling a vehicle with a salvage, flood, non-repairable, or other branded title.
DR 2686
Certificate of Equipment Compliance for Motorcycles
Include this form to title and register a motorcycle converted from off-road cycle.
DR 2704
Certified VIN Inspection
Submit this form to the DMV after completing the required certified VIN inspection for vehicles that are rebuilt, reconstructed, have bonded title, OR are built from a kit. Form must be obtained from a certified Colorado VIN inspector. Not available online.
DR 2408
Colorado Assigned Vehicle Identification Number Application
Request a vehicle identification number (VIN) from the CO DMV if your car's VIN was removed, destroyed, altered, OR never issued.
DR 2539A
Duplicate Title Request and Receipt
Request a duplicate OR corrected Colorado vehicle title.
DR 2701
Low-Power Scooter Registration Application
Apply to register a low-powered scooter with the CO Division of Motor Vehicles.
DR 2810
Personalized License Plate Application
Application for special AND/OR vanity Colorado license plates.
DR 2426
Rebuilders Title to Regular Title Checklist
Checklist of all the items required by the DMV to convert a Colorado rebuilder's title to a regular vehicle title.
DR 2424
Rebuilt from Salvage Title Statement of Facts
Include this form when titling a vehicle previously titled as a salvage vehicle.
Registration Application
Application to register a boat, off-road vehicle, OR snowmobile with the CO Division of Motor Vehicles.
DR 2841
Secure and Verifiable ID
List of acceptable documents to prove your identity when applying for a Colorado vehicle registration AND/OR title.
DR 2409
Statement of Assembly of Homemade Trailer and Assignment of Trailer I.D. Number
Form required to describe how you built a homemade trailer you'd like to title and register with the Colorado DMV.
DR 2393
Statement of Repossession
Submit this form to request the title for a repossessed vehicle in Colorado.
DR 2374
Statement of Trailer Ownership
Form used to verify ownership of a trailer brought into Colorado from a state that doesn't issue titles or registrations for small trailers.
DR 2445
Statement of Transfer
Use this form in lieu of having to notarize the title for a vehicle that was recently bought/sold in Colorado.
DR 2170
Trustee's Statement for Certificate of Title
Include this form when a vehicle is registered in the name of a trust.
DR 2698
Verification of Vehicle Identification Number
Form required to verify the VIN on a Colorado vehicle previously titled/registered out-of-state OR to correct a title. Must be completed by a DMV-approved VIN verification provider.

Buying & Selling Forms

DR 2375
Consumer Complaint
Use this form to file a formal complaint about a vehicle dealership or vehicle business.
DR 2023
Notice of Emissions Non-Compliance
Form is given to a buyer if a vehicle's emissions compliance is unknown.

Insurance Forms

DR 2567
Promissory Note Contract
Form may be required if you settle an accident claim for which you're financially responsible. Notifies the CO DMV that you'll be making payments on accident damages to avoid license suspension.
DR 2100
Release from Liability
Submit this form to the Division of Motor Vehicles when releasing someone from responsibility for damages caused by an accident.
DR 2090
Waiver of Security Financial Responsibility
Your insurance company may need you to complete this form after settling an accident claim in which you owe money. Must be signed before a Colorado notary public.

Commercial Forms

DR 2172
CDL Unit 10 Year License Certification
The Colorado DMV requires you to submit a list of states in which you held a commercial driver's license as part of your CDL application.
Medical Examination Report for Commercial Driver Fitness Determination
Summary of your medical examination, which is required when applying for a Colorado CDL. Must be completed by a medical professional.

Military Forms

DR 2742
Application for Military CDL Skills Test Waiver
Complete this form for a CDL skills test waiver if you recently drove a commercial vehicle while enlisted in the military. The Colorado DMV requires your commanding officer to sign and verify this form.
DR 2667
Nonresidence and Military Service Exemption from Specific Ownership Tax Affidavit
Submit this form as proof of exemption from Colorado ownership tax (typically due when you register your car) if you're a non-resident stationed in CO for military service.

Disability Forms

DR 2002
Disabled Veteran License Plate Application
Use this form to apply for disabled parking plates for a U.S. military veteran.
DR 2219
Parking Privileges Application
Apply for disability license plates OR parking placards with the CO Division of Motor Vehicles. Form must be completed by a doctor.
DR 2497
Persons with Disabilities Personalized License Plates Application
Request vanity AND/OR specialized CO disability license plates.

Voter Registration Forms

Voter Registration and Absentee Ballot Request Federal Post Card Application
If you're a U.S. citizen living out of your voting jurisdiction, use this form to register to vote AND/OR request an absentee ballot.

Dealer Forms

DR 2042
Additional Location Affidavit
Submit this form to report an additional location for your motor vehicle business.
DR 2003
Application for Change of Location
Submit this form to change the location of your licensed motor vehicle business.
DR 2024
Application for Dealer or Wholesaler License Name Change
Submit this form to change the name on your dealer or wholesaler license.
DR 2115
Auto Industry Salesperson Application
Application for a motor vehicle salespersons' license.
DR 2105
Buyer Agent License Application
Application to act as a buyer for a motor vehicle business.
DR 2109
Dealer/Wholesale License Application
Application to become a licensed vehicle dealer or wholesaler.
DR 2109-B
Dealer/Wholesaler Application Checklist
Use this checklist to ensure you've submitted all requirements for a dealer/wholesaler license application.
DR 2640
Dealer/Wholesaler Plate Affidavit
Complete this form to request demonstration license plates (demo plates).
DR 2097
Examination Affidavit
Part of the salesperson's license application to certify that you've passed the required exam.
DR 2658
License Class Change Application
Submit this form to change your dealership license class, such as from new to used vehicles.
DR 2662
Manufacturer Representative License Application
Use this form to apply for a license to work as a sales or promotion representative for a vehicle manufacturer or distributor.
DR 2635
Manufacturer/Distributor License Application
Application to manufacture or distribute motor vehicles.
DR 2043
Off-Premise Permit Application
Application to sell motor vehicles in a location other than a dealer's regular business premises.
DR 2131
Out Of State Dealer Temporary License Application
Application for a temporary dealer license for out of state vehicle dealers.
DR 2044
Place of Business Affidavit
This form is required as part of the application to become a licensed vehicle dealer.
DR 2234
Salesperson Application Information
Application for a motor vehicle salespersons' license.
DR 2114
Statement of Financial Condition
Form is required when applying for a motor vehicle dealer license.
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