Disability Plates and Placards in Colorado

SUMMARY: Colorado Disability Plates & Placards

Placards and license plates for handicapped parking are available to Colorado residents with disabilities—these include short-term, long-term, and permanent placards, as well as permanent license plates. You can easily apply for a placard or plate from the CO DMV by mail or in person. You'll need to renew your disabled parking permit before it expires, and you can get a replacement if your permit is lost, stolen, or damaged.

Keep reading below for detailed information about disability placards and plates in Colorado.

Types of CO Disability Permits

The Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) issues several types of handicap parking permits:

  • Placards that hang on your rearview mirror:
    • Short-term, temporary placards (red), for disabilities expected to last no longer than 90 days.
    • Long-term placards (blue):
      • Permanent long-term: For disabilities that will not change.
      • Extended long-term: For disabilities likely to last for more than 30 months.
      • Temporary long-term: For disabilities likely to resolve within 30 months.
  • License plates that replace standard license plates on your vehicle:
    • Disability license plates for long-term disabilities ONLY.
    • Disabled veteran license plates.

Both the disability placard and license plate allow you to park in designated disabled spaces.

You CANNOT park in spaces clearly marked “no parking anytime."

Traveling with Disability Placards & Plates

You can use the disability placard or license plate from your home state if you are visiting Colorado, but you must obey CO parking regulations.

If you have a Colorado handicapped placard or license plate, you can use it for disabled parking anywhere in the U.S. You must always follow the parking rules and regulations of the state you're in.

Apply for Disability Parking in Colorado

You can apply for a disabled placard or license plate from your local Colorado DMV office either by mail or in person.

To apply for any placard type or disability license plates, you will need to submit:

Submit your application to your county motor vehicle office, either by mail or in person.

Disabled Veteran License Plates

Disabled veteran license plates are available to Colorado military veterans with a permanent disability rating of at least 50%.

These license plates are free, and the DMV issues only 1 set.

To apply for a disabled veteran license plate, you will need:

  • The Military License Plate Application (Form DR 2002).
  • A VA statement verifying your disability rating.
  • The vehicle title (or a copy for mailed applications) showing you as the vehicle owner.

Submit your application by mail or in person to your local Colorado DMV office.

Renew a Handicap Placard or Plate

Each type of handicapped placard is valid for different lengths of time:

  • Red (short term) placards: Up to 90 days.
  • Blue (long term) placards: 3 years.
  • License plates: 3 years.

NOTE: You must also renew your vehicle registration to ensure that your license plate is valid.

To renew a disability placard or plate, you must complete and submit a new Parking Privileges Application (Form DR 2219) before your current permit expires.

The renewal application will need medical certification OR self-certification depending on the type of permit you have:

  • Permanent blue placards:
    • Self-certification: Every 3 years and 6 years.
    • Medical certification: Every 9 years.
  • Extended and temporary blue placards:
    • Medical certification: Every renewal.
  • Red placards:
    • Medical certification: Every renewal.
  • License plates:
    • Certification requirements depend on whether the disability is classified as permanent, extended, or temporary.

Replace a CO Disability Permit

If your handicapped parking placard or license plate is lost, stolen, or damaged, you can request a new placard in person at your local Colorado DMV office.

Replacements will have the same expiration date as your original permit.

To replace your handicapped placard or plate, you will need to:

  • File a police report.
  • Complete the Lost or Stolen License Plate/Permit Affidavit (Form DR 2283).
  • Provide the Registration Receipt (Form DR 2574) you received with your original placard or plate.
  • Submit the damaged placard or plate, if applicable.

If you cannot provide the required materials, you can also apply for a new placard or plate.


DR 2219
Parking Privileges Application
Apply for disability license plates OR parking placards with the CO Division of Motor Vehicles. Form must be completed by a doctor.
DR 2002
Disabled Veteran License Plate Application
Use this form to apply for disabled parking plates for a U.S. military veteran.
DR 2574
Registration Receipt
Receipt you'll receive after successfully applying for Colorado disability plates or placards. Submit this receipt to the DMV if you need to replace lost or damaged plates or placards in lieu of a disability medical verification. Form not available online.
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