Boat Registration and Licenses in Colorado

Before taking your boat out on Colorado's waterways, you may need to register it with CO Parks and Wildlife.

This page outlines every step of the process of registering your boat in Colorado, including information about how to replace lost boat registration or process a renewal for your boat.

Colorado Boat Requirements & Exemptions

If operating on CO's public waters, you're required to register:

  • Sail-powered boats.
  • Motor-powered boats.

You are NOT required to register:

  • Boats currently registered in another state that will be used on Colorado's waterways for less than 60 days.
  • Canoes and kayaks.

Boat Registration in Colorado

After purchasing a boat, you can use your bill of sale as temporary registration for 30 days until you've registered the vessel with Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

You have the option of registering your boat either in person OR by mail. Begin the registration process by first gathering:

Then, you can:

  • Take the required items in person to the nearest CO Parks and Wildlife office.
  • Mail the items above to:
    • Parks and Wildlife
    • Registration Unit
    • 13787 S. Highway 85
    • Littleton, CO 80125

You will be assigned a Colorado registration number, which you must paint or attach (in at least 3 inch block letters) on each side of the bow of your boat. Make sure the color of the number contrasts the color of your vessel for easy visibility.

Colorado Boat Registration Fees

Your boat's registration and renewal fee is determined by the length of your vessel:

  • Less than 20 ft: $35.25.
  • 20 ft to 30 ft: $45.25.
  • 30 ft and longer: $75.25.

Everyone operating a vessel in Colorado waters will be required to buy an Aquatic Nuisance Species (ANS) stamp. Residents who are applying or renewing a registration will have the stamp fee automatically added to their registration. Non-resident vessel operators can buy an ANS stamp online.

  • ANS stamp resident fee: $25.
  • ANS stamp non-resident fee: $50.

Boat Registration Renewals

Boat registrations in Colorado are valid from January 1 to December 31, regardless of when you obtained the registration. You can either renew your registration by mail OR online.

To renew your registration:

  • By mail: Return the renewal form and your fee payment to Colorado Parks and Wildlife in the envelope provided with your renewal notice.
  • Online: Provide vessel and payment information using the Parks and Wildlife online registration renewal system.

If you have questions regarding your renewal, call the CO Parks and Wildlife boat registration number at (303) 791-1192.

Replace a CO Boat Registration

Replaced with You need to notify the Colorado Parks and Wildlife if you lose or damage your boat's registration card.

You'll need to mail an explanation of why you're requesting a replacement registration to:

  • Parks and Wildlife
  • 13787 S. Highway 85
  • Littleton, CO 80125

You will be required to pay for a replacement registration and a replacement ANS stamp.

  • Replacement registration fee: $5
  • ANS stamp replacement resident fee: $12.50.
  • ANS stamp replacement non-resident fee: $25.

CO Boater Qualifications

To legally operate a boat in Colorado, you must:

  • Be at least 16 years old.
  • Have completed a state-approved boater safety course if you're 14 to 18 years old.

Regardless of age, taking a boater safety course can be extremely beneficial. To find out more AND register for a course, head over to the CO Parks and Wildlife's boating safety page.


Registration Application
Application to register a boat, off-road vehicle, OR snowmobile with the CO Division of Motor Vehicles.
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