DMV Appointments in Colorado

Making an appointment with he Colorado Department of Revenue (DOR) can save you time and the pain of waiting in long lines. The DOR offers convenient online scheduling services to help you with making your appointments. Keep reading to learn about what types of appointments you can make with the DOR, and how to make them.

Types of Colorado DOR Appointments

You can schedule an appointment ahead of time if you need to visit the DOR for:

  • Behind-the-wheel exams for:
    • Standard (Class R) license.
    • Motorcycle license.
  • Written tests for:
    • Standard license.
    • Commercial driver license (CDL).
  • License:
    • Renewal.
    • Replacement.
    • Reinstatement.
  • Adding endorsements to your license.
  • Transferring your license from out-of-state.
  • New Colorado I.D. card.
  • Official name change.
  • Colorado Road and Community Safety Act (CO RCSA) license.
  • Systematic Alien Verification Entitlement (S.A.V.E.) application.
  • Court hearing requests.
  • I.D. card and license exceptions processing.

Remember, not all tasks require an in-person visit to a branch office; find out which online services you can take care of from the comfort of your own home.

How to Schedule a DOR Appointment

You can use the CO Department of Revenue's online appointment system to schedule the appointments listed above or call (720) 295-2965.

    If you need to schedule a CDL road skills exam, you'll need to contact an approved third-party tester.

    What to Bring to Your Appointment

    You can avoid an extra trip to the DOR and save yourself some time by making sure you have everything you need before leaving for your appointment. Take a look at our guides on each subject for a complete list of all the documentation you'll need to provide.

    Testing Appointments

    Make sure you're fully prepared before heading out to your appointment for:

    License and I.D. Card Appointments

    You'll need to bring the appropriate documentation when going to your DOR appointment for:

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