Accident Guide in Colorado

Colorado's snow, combined with our frenzy to get to the slopes, sometimes gets us into trouble, or more accurately, accidents.

In the event of an accident, you should stop and make sure everyone involved is OK. If anyone is injured, call an ambulance and give aid the best you can.

Otherwise, you should exchange the following information:

  • Insurance information (policy number and insurance company).
  • Telephone numbers.
  • And don't forget your name!

Filing an Accident Report

Colorado law requires all accidents to be reported immediately. If a police officer responds to the scene and gets all information from the involved parties, the police report satisfies your responsibility. However, if a police officer isn't involved, you will have to report the accident either using an online accident report or download a traffic accident report.

Note that Colorado's online accident reporting system has a few requirements. To report online, each of the following must be true:

  • There were no fatalities or injuries involved.
  • The accident was not a hit and run (you can provide information from the other party involved).
  • No public property was damaged.
  • There was no suspicion of any party driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

If any of the above statements are true, you should contact the law enforcement department in charge of the jurisdiction where your accident happened. They will provide further instructions to start an investigation.

Sometimes your insurance company will need you to do some leg work if you've been in an accident. Below are some common forms you may need to fill out.


DR 2090
Waiver of Security Financial Responsibility
Your insurance company may need you to complete this form after settling an accident claim in which you owe money. Must be signed before a Colorado notary public.
DR 2316
Financial Responsibility Requirements
DMV's checklist of required steps and documents needed to prevent license suspension OR to reinstate your CO driver's license after involvement in an accident.
DR 2100
Release from Liability
Submit this form to the Division of Motor Vehicles when releasing someone from responsibility for damages caused by an accident.
DR 2314
Affidavit of Financial Responsibility
To reinstate your driving privileges following involvement in an accident, submit this affidavit to the CO DMV stating you don't owe money for damages relating to the accident.
DR 2567
Promissory Note Contract
Form may be required if you settle an accident claim for which you're financially responsible. Notifies the CO DMV that you'll be making payments on accident damages to avoid license suspension.
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