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The questions have come in, and DMV.ORG has listened. We have collected the most relevant and most often-asked questions regarding the commercial driver's license (CDL). From those, we built a thorough list of FAQs―and provided the most current answers possible.

Best of all, our information is state specific, so you get exactly the answers you need. DMV.ORG is all about getting you the information to make it through the CDL process in the most efficient way possible.

Checking the FAQs is the quickest way of tracking down the basics on what you are searching for, while having the ability to link to more in-depth articles on the subject, if necessary.

The FAQs cover everything from the nuts and bolts of the CDL, to pinpoint details of what you need to apply, where to go, where to get training, how much it costs, and much, much more.

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