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At DMV.ORG, we've researched and compiled all the information you need for buying and selling vehicles in your state. We've gathered all the forms and documents you'll need, whether you're buying or selling a vehicle―disclosure statements, bills of sale, seller affidavits―we have it all.

Your vehicle needs change as your life changes. Want proof? That sporty little hot rod you had in college probably isn't going to serve you as well once you have one or two child safety seats to install. But, before you trade or sell your car and buy the family sedan, you'll need to know how to proceed.


Doing business with a licensed dealer may feel like the safest and easiest way to purchase a new vehicle, but before you even enter the lot, make sure you're armed with some important information.

For example, dealers are required by law to inform you if a vehicle you're considering was ever declared salvage, returned under the Lemon Law, or repaired in excess of usually $500 (if it's new)―but this doesn't mean they're necessarily going to.

Be sure to ask questions about the vehicle you want to purchase. 


Buying a vehicle from a private individual can save you some money, just as selling your vehicle yourself can make you some extra cash.

However, just because a licensed vehicle dealer isn't involved doesn't mean you can bypass important steps and paperwork.

We provide tips to make sure your buying or selling process goes as smoothly as possible. For example, did you know that you should never purchase a vehicle from an individual unless he or she can hand you the title right then? Or that you can get some background information about the vehicle by completing a vehicle information request form?

Whether you're doing your buying and selling business with a dealer or an individual, learn the proper procedures in your state.

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