Selling Your Car Locally

Advertising your car locally is a safe and convenient way to sell your car or truck—particularly if you don't want to deal with the additional work required for an out-of-state sale.

While traditional methods are still worth the attempt, there are plenty of other advertisement options to choose from that can help you to sell your vehicle quickly.

Popular avenues you'll want to explore to sell your car locally include:

  • Sales and auction websites.
  • Social media.
  • Print advertisements.
  • Other traditional methods.

Using Sales & Auction Websites

The Internet has made it easy to locally advertise your car instantly to countless potential buyers. A few of the many websites that will allow you to sell your vehicle locally include:

  • eBay Motors.
  • Craigslist.
    • Another popular option for local sellers, this “for sale by owner" site is also free.
    • Since the organization and layout of the advertisement is left up to you, a good vehicle ad with plenty of pictures and a detailed description can set you apart from other sellers.

Selling Locally with Social Media

While selling your car on social media isn't the only way you'll want to advertise your vehicle, it can help—especially if you combine it with other local selling options.

Here are a few social media channels that can help you to spread the word:

  • YouTube.
    • Posting a video of your vehicle on YouTube can be helpful if you use a paid classified ad that limits the number of pictures you can take. By linking to your video, potential buyers can get a good look at your vehicle that pictures won't show.
  • Facebook.
    • If you're active on Facebook and have a decent number of followers, post your listing. Ask your friends to like your post and spread the word to any of their friends who might be in the market for a used car.
  • Instagram.
    • Another good way to spread the word through your contacts, this photo sharing site is a good way to catch people's eye with an artistic photo of your car. Just don't forget to mention that it's up for grabs to the highest bidder.
  • Twitter.
    • Tweeting a link to your online car advertisement is a good way to drive traffic to your listing. If any of your friends know of anyone who might be interested, you might be in line for an easy sell.

Local Print Vehicle Ads

Print advertisements aren't as popular as they used to be, but that doesn't mean they aren't still a viable option to sell your car locally.

Local Newspaper

Even though online news sites have cut the number of subscribers, there are still plenty of people who read the classifieds of your local newspaper or community newsletter. Since space will be limited, be sure to include only a basic description and contact information. You can save the other details for later.


Though not as common, some car magazines still post classified ads. This may be an avenue worth looking into if you have a classic or vintage vehicle for sale.

Free Publications

Free local magazines on stands inside the grocery store or the lobby of your local service station are still a good way to advertise. Most don't cost very much to list and cater to the buying audience.

Other Methods for Selling Cars Locally

Simple ways to sell your vehicle are often the most commonly overlooked. Two traditional methods that will get more looks from potential buyers than you might think include:

  • Placing a “For Sale" sign in your window.
    • This method will serve as an advertisement on your commute to work or running errands around town.
    • On your window flyer, be sure to include at a minimum:
      • A contact number.
      • Mileage.
      • Asking price.
    • If you want a professional-looking window sticker, Kelley Blue Book has a service that will create it for you.
  • Posting to a bulletin board.
    • Though low-tech, bulletin boards still attract attention.
    • Consider placing a flyer:
      • At community centers.
      • Libraries.
      • Grocery stores.
      • Churches.
      • Student centers.
    • Keep the description short and be sure to include, at a minimum, a photo and contact number.

For more information, such as tips for selling your vehicle or paperwork needed to finalize a sale, please refer to our Guide to Selling Your Vehicle.

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