Buying a Convertible

Who hasn't dreamt at one time or another of driving around, top down, in a shiny, new convertible? That's the easiest way to think about a convertible: a luxury car that is more dreamy than practical. Before you buy a convertible, be sure to think through whether this kind of car meets your needs.

Cons of Buying a Convertible


There are a few key areas where a convertible doesn't provide the same level of protection as a traditional car.

  • You are more exposed in the case of an accident.
  • Even with the top up, your ride will probably be noisier.
  • Convertibles aren't suited for bad weather.
  • Convertibles are easier to break into or steal.

Convertibles & Limitations

Manufacturers have made enormous progress in making convertibles safer and more competitive with traditional cars. But there are some aspects that are hard to get around.

  • The trunk is often small since that is where the top is stored when it's down.
  • There are usually only two seats, a design used to increase the safety of the car.
  • Interiors are more vulnerable to wear and tear.

Costs of Convertibles

As a luxury vehicle, you can expect convertibles to be expensive. The price range for a convertible varies as widely as for a traditional car.

Because convertibles tend to be expensive cars that are somewhat easy to steal, they are going to have higher insurance premiums. Before you buy a convertible, get a quote from a car insurance company or your insurance agent to see how much the car you want to buy will cost to insure.

Another cost consideration is additional maintenance expenses. A convertible top adds complexity and risk even if the top is not motorized. Repairs to the mechanics that raise or lower the top can be very expensive.

Advantages of Buying a Convertible

There's Still Nothing Like It!

There are certainly downsides to convertibles, but there's a reason they've been so popular for so long: the feeling of driving or being driven in a convertible is amazing!

From the “cool" factor, which is sure to attract admirers, to the feeling of the breeze on your face, the pleasure of riding in a convertible is very unique. Drivers and passengers enjoy an incredible sense of freedom and the wonderful sensation of getting away from it all—which is even more powerful when driving somewhere with an incredible, unobstructed view.

Even though it can cost more and may not be as practical as a regular car, there is nothing wrong with buying a convertible. And for all the reasons that make convertibles so unique, it will be worth every penny.

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