New Car Buyers Guide

Looking for a good rate on your new wheels?

Compare Your Financing Options

Take the guesswork out of buying a new car—a variety of personalized loan options are just a click away!

  • Save money by comparing multiple providers.
  • Find offers tailored to your needs.

Do your research when buying a car. Compare buying with leasing, find out about dealership incentives, and learn about new car taxes and DMV fees. Learn how to get the best auto loan to finance your new vehicle.

In This Section
  • Guide to Buying a New Car

    Be prepared when you buy a new car by learning about manufacturer incentives, leasing, shopping online, new car taxes & fees & more.

  • New Car Taxes and Fees

    Use a state-specific vehicle tax & fee calculator to determine the new car sales tax on your next purchase.

  • Buying Online or at the Dealership

    Read our guide to help you decide whether to buy your car online or in person at a car dealership.

  • New Car Buying Scams

    Get informed about common new car buying scams so that you can better avoid them.

  • Types of Cars to Buy

    There is a lot to consider when buying a new car. Find information on what goes into buying different types of new cars.

  • Incentives & Rebates

    Find information about getting the best deals when buying a new vehicle. You may find some great ways to save money.

  • Lemon Law

    Find your state's lemon law definition and resources available to you if you have a lemon.

  • Tax and Tags Calculator

    Use your state's tax & tags calculator to help determine all of the expenses you can expect to pay for your new car.

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