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Every state in the country mandates specific requirements for obtaining a vehicle dealership license. Here at, we understand how difficult the entire process can be. So, to help make it a bit easier, we've authored detailed, easy-to-follow dealership license instructions for each state.

You won't find sprawling paragraphs encumbered with confusing legal jargon. We trim the word-fat so you find only the bare-bone facts. Most of our state sites present the information in quick-to-read list formats, making the licensing process as easy as following a recipe.

All of our information is state-specific. Not only will you be told which applications you must submit, but we'll also inform you if they need to be notarized or accompanied by a fee.

If available, we'll also provide application links for downloading purposes, sparing you the hassle of trying to hunt them down at a busy Motor Vehicle office.

Plus, we spell out place-of-business requirements that include: display lot size, office requirements, phone lines, bonds, the displaying of business hours, front sign size, and filing system needs.

Here at, we understand that your intent is to start selling vehicles, not spending time interpreting verbose pages of government instructions.

We're here to help.

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