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We know applying for a dealership license can be a tedious task that is often compounded by the time it takes to track down required dealer forms. To help you out, we provide links to every available downloadable form and application for your respective state.

Each state adheres to special requirements. Some demand a host of applications that mandate more signatures than the Declaration of Independence―while others only ask for one or two with no more than one signature each. Regardless, our Dealer Forms page will ease your search by listing all the applications available via download for your state.

If applications cannot be downloaded, our Dealer Forms page will instead list the Motor Vehicle Department's address and/or phone number so you can easily contact the appropriate office.

And best of all, our Dealer Forms page is open 24 hours a day. With DMV.ORG, you no longer have to wait until Monday morning to pick up the necessary dealer forms. Selling cars is your business; providing information is ours.