Motorcycle Warranties

What Is a Motorcycle Warranty?

A motorcycle warranty is a contract between the owner of a motorcycle and the manufacturer or a third party that promises to pay for repairs for a predetermined length of time or mileage. For motorcycles, you have two different options when you decided to purchase your vehicle.

  • Manufacturer's warranty.
    • The original warranty that is included with the purchase of a new motorcycle.
  • Extended warranty.
    • An additional protection plan that kicks in once the original manufacturer's warranty has expired.
    • Also offered through the manufacturer in most cases.

NOTE: For information on warranties for standard cars and trucks, visit our Auto Warranties page.

Manufacturer's Motorcycle Warranty

Most motorcycles include a manufacturer's warranty at the time of sale that does not require a separate purchase. These warranties often cover your motorcycle with fender-to-fender coverage.

EXAMPLE: A typical manufacturer's warranty for a motorcycle may look something like this:

  • Coverage for a designated number of years, varied by manufacturer.
  • Unlimited mileage.
  • Free replacement for failures caused by defective parts or faulty workmanship.
  • Repairs for vehicle breakdowns that result from normal wear and tear.

Like all warranties, the owner of the motorcycle is responsible for adhering to the terms and conditions to keep the warranty from becoming void. General exclusions from most warranties include failures that are caused by:

  • Competition or racing.
  • Installing parts that are not equivalent to the original manufacture's parts.
  • Any neglect of the vehicle caused by the owner.
  • Failure to conduct scheduled maintenance as required by the owner's manual.
  • Damage caused by an accident or collision.
  • Modification to original parts that directly causes a breakdown of other vehicle components.
  • Malfunction that results from environmental damage.

Extended Motorcycle Warranties

Similar to a car or truck you can obtain an extended warranty for a motorcycle. Many manufacturers offer these extended service contracts otherwise known as extended protection plans through licensed dealerships, which can provide additional coverage after the manufacturer's warranty has expired.

Like all service contracts, extended motorcycle warranties purchased through a dealership require separate payment from the vehicle sale. This purchase can either be included in the loan for the vehicle or paid in a separate transaction.

While extended warranties can vary a great deal depending on the type of motorcycle and the manufacturer, here are two examples of typical extended warranty coverage provided by leading motorbike companies:

Example 1: Harley Davidson

  • Extends coverage for up to 7 years beyond manufacturer's warranty.
  • Repairs for parts.
  • Expense reimbursement, which covers:
    • Breakdowns on the road.
    • Costs for a rental vehicle.
    • Lodging reimbursement.
    • Towing to the dealership.
  • Nationwide repair location assistance.
  • $50 deductible for all covered repairs.
  • Eligible for warranty transfer.
  • Optional tire and wheel coverage.

Example 2: Honda

  • Extended warranties limited to select models.
    • Often limited to touring motorcycles and often excludes racing and some street models.
  • An additional 4 years of coverage past the manufacturer's warranty.
  • No deductible.
  • No mileage limitation.
  • Roadside assistance.
  • Plan coverage for mechanical failures, which are similar to the manufacturer's warranty. This includes:
    • Fuel system.
    • Exhaust.
    • Chassis.
    • Electrical.
    • Cooling system.
    • Engine.
    • Brakes.
  • Warranty will not cover:
    • Tires.
    • Batteries.
    • Audio equipment.
    • Accessories.
    • Spark plugs.
    • Belts.
    • Filters.
    • Lubricants.

As with manufacturer's warranties, most extended warranties require the owner to abide by the terms and conditions to keep the warranty contract from becoming void. Prices will vary according to the manufacturer and model.

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