Auto Parts Warranties

Whether you're buying a new or used car, there are some auto parts that are not covered by standard warranties. Tires, batteries, and break pads wear out and are not often covered by car manufacturers outright—but savvy car buyers can purchase extended warranties that will save you cash in the long run.

Parts Covered Under Warranty

When you buy a car from a dealership, after you negotiate your price, you'll be sent over to financing. Even if you're paying cash for your car, the dealership will present you with a number of extended warranty options.

An auto parts warranty allows you to pay extra money, either up front or over the lifetime of financing agreement, to cover any parts of your vehicle that are NOT already covered in the manufacturer's warranty. This can prevent out-of-pocket expenses down the road.

Adding an extended auto parts warranty can save you money on replacement parts such as:

  • Brake pads.
  • Headlights.
  • Hoses.
  • Wiper blades.
  • Tires.
  • Batteries.

Keep in mind that when purchasing a new vehicle, you should receive literature that outlines parts that are covered by their original manufacturer (e.g. tire warranties offered by Firestone, Yokohama, etc.).

Do I Need Auto Parts Coverage?

New Car Buyers

If you're buying a new car, your vehicle has brand new parts that should last for several thousand miles. Adding an auto parts warranty to a brand new car may be an unnecessary expense.

However, an auto parts warranty could be a good investment IF you:

  • Live in an area with inclement weather.
  • Drive in bumper-to-bumper traffic frequently.
  • Generally expect to experience a lot of wear and tear on your vehicle.

Used Car Buyers

For used car buyers, auto parts warranties are definitely worth considering. Replacement parts on some vehicles, especially luxury cars, can be expensive. It's worth noting that even a certified pre-owned vehicle won't come with coverage on parts that wear out.

Adding extended warranties to your purchase at the dealership can be an economical choice, saving a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars during the lifespan of the coverage.

Buying Auto Parts Warranty Coverage

You have a few options when looking to purchase an auto parts warranty.

Purchase Through the Manufacturer

The best place to start researching coverage for an auto parts warranty is to visit your chosen auto manufacturer's website. Warranties offered by the manufacturer have a higher potential to target the parts that aren't covered in their original manufacturer's warranty.

You may also find that paying out of pocket for repairs using authentic parts from that manufacturer could be an alternate way to gain warranty coverage.

Research Your Auto Insurance Carrier

Some insurance companies offer coverage sold through authorized dealers that can help cover items such as flat replacement or repair, towing, tire mount and balance, rental car coverage, and even some coverage to cosmetic repairs to alloy or painted wheels.

Try the Auto Club

If you are a member of the Automobile Association of America (AAA), you may not need to purchase any extended warranty coverage. Depending on your membership level, AAA membership may offer you discounts and warranties on certain parts and services.

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