Auto Loan Lenders

There are many different types of auto loan lenders, including banks, credit unions, dealerships, and more. Find the information you need on auto loan providers to find the best vehicle loan for you.

In This Section
  • Bank Auto Loans

    Learn how having a pre-approved car loan can give you confidence going into a car dealership.

  • Credit Union Car Loans

    Credit unions can be a great source for low rate auto loans. Learn more about credit union car loans.

  • Dealerships and Auto Loans

    Learn how getting your auto loan through a dealership can save you a little work, but may not get you the best rates.

  • Blank Check Auto Loans

    Blank check auto loans can be a great tool when negotiating with a car dealer. Learn more about blank check car loans.

  • Online Auto Loans

    Learn how online auto loans can help make your car buying experience simple.

  • Captive Finance Companies

    Learn how through an automaker’s captive finance company, you can potentially get a solid auto loan.

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