Title Transfers in Arizona

How to Complete a Vehicle Title Transfer in Arizona

Buying and Selling a Vehicle in AZ

Whether you're the buyer or seller of a vehicle, you will need to complete some tasks to complete a vehicle title transfer.

Buying a Vehicle

When you buy a vehicle, you must complete a title transfer at an Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) title office or through your vehicle dealer within 15 days of purchase.

Buying from an Arizona Dealer

When you buy a vehicle from a dealer, they will normally handle the car title transfer and registration paperwork for you for a fee.

If you prefer to title and register the vehicle yourself, you'll need:

  • Proof of ownership, which can be:
    • The vehicle title assigned to you (for used vehicles).
    • The manufacturer's statement of origin (for new vehicles).
  • The Title and Registration Application (Form 96-0236).
  • Payment for fees:
    • Title transfer fee: $4.
    • Registration fee: $8.
    • Air quality research fee: $1.50.
    • Vehicle license tax: Varies by vehicle value.

Take all of the above to your local AZ MVD office.

Buying from a Private Seller

If you buy a car from a private seller, you should go with the seller in person to an Arizona MVD title office to complete the vehicle title transfer.

NOTE: While going with the seller to the AZ MVD office may not be necessary, it can protect you from buying a vehicle that has a lien.

You'll also need to register the vehicle in your name.

To complete a car title transfer and vehicle registration, you'll need:

  • The vehicle title, which must be:
    • Signed by the seller or sellers.
    • Notarized.
  • A completed Title and Registration Application (Form 96-0236).
  • A lien release if a lien is recorded on the title.
  • Fees for title and registration:
    • $4 title transfer fee.
    • $8 registration fee.
    • $1.50 air quality research fee.
    • Vehicle license tax based on the value of the vehicle.

See Fees for Arizona Vehicle Titles for more information about DMV title transfer fees and other related fees and taxes.

Selling a Vehicle

As a vehicle seller, you must ensure that you correctly transfer the Arizona title to the buyer.

To avoid any car title transfer problems, be sure that you:

  • Sign the title and have it notarized.
  • Include a notarized lien release for each lien on the vehicle (if applicable).

In addition to the auto title transfer, you will also need to:

  • Remove your license plate. DO NOT give it to the buyer.
  • Check with the AZ MVD to see if you can get a plate credit or plate refund.
  • Complete a sold notice within 10 days of selling your car, which can be done:
    • Online on the AZ MVD website.
    • On the back of your vehicle registration.

A sold notice ensures that you are not responsible for any tickets or accidents that occur after you sell the car.

NOTE: In some cases, the buyer may request you to go with them to the AZ MVD office to complete the auto title transfer.

Title Transfer Issues in Arizona

Several problems could prevent a smooth car title transfer when you buy or sell a vehicle.

Seller Names and Signatures

The vehicle title must be correctly assigned to complete the DMV title transfer.

To avoid title transfer problems or illegal vehicle sales, make sure that:

  • The seller's name is on the title AND he or she signs it. If a seller is acting on behalf of an owner, they MUST have documentation of their right to do so, such as:
    • Power of attorney.
    • A court order.
  • All sellers sign the title:
    • If multiple names are joined by “and" OR “and/or," ALL listed owners must sign the title.
  • All sellers' signatures are notarized.
  • The seller gives you a notarized lien release for any liens on the vehicle.

NOTE: If the seller's name DOES NOT match the name on the vehicle title, he/she may be selling the vehicle illegally. Be sure the seller has power of attorney or other documentation showing rights to legally sell the vehicle.

Missing Title

You must have a vehicle title to transfer ownership of a vehicle in Arizona.

If you're buying a car in AZ that doesn't have a title, the seller must get a duplicate title to transfer to you.

Liens on the Title

If you buy a vehicle that has a lien on it, YOU will be responsible for paying the lien.

Even if the title has no liens listed, the vehicle could have a lien that does not appear on the title, such as a child support lien.

To ensure that the vehicle you buy is clear of any financial or other liens, use the Arizona MVD online lien check service. To further ensure that the vehicle is lien-free, go with the seller to an AZ MVD office to complete the car title transfer.

If you're selling a vehicle, be sure you remove any liens before you transfer the title.

Out-of-State Title Transfer to AZ

When you move to Arizona, you must transfer your out-of-state title as soon as you become a resident.

NOTE: If you live or work in the Phoenix or Tucson areas, your vehicle must pass an emissions inspection BEFORE you complete the DMV title transfer and registration. Visit our AZ Car Inspection page for complete details.

To get an AZ title, you'll apply in person at your local MVD office. You need to take:

  • The Title and Registration Application (Form 96-0236).
  • One of the following documents:
    • The vehicle title if you own the vehicle outright.
    • Your vehicle registration AND a lien clearance from your lienholder if you have a lien.
    • Power of Attorney from the lessor if you're leasing your vehicle.
  • Your license plates.
  • An emissions compliance form if you're in the Phoenix or Tucson areas.
  • Payment for title transfer and registration fees:
    • $4 fee for a vehicle title transfer.
    • $8 for vehicle registration.
    • $1.50 fee for air quality research.
    • Vehicle license tax based on the value of the vehicle.

For more information about registration and tags, see our Car Registration and Arizona License Plates pages.

Inherit, Gift, or Donate a Vehicle

When you inherit a vehicle, you'll use the same car title transfer process that you use when buying a car in Arizona.

If you give a vehicle as a gift, you'll transfer the title as if you're selling the car.

You can also donate a vehicle to a non-profit or charity organization. Learn more on our Car Donations page.

Fees for Arizona Auto Title Transfers

The AZ MVD charges the following fees for vehicle title transfers, title changes, and related transactions:

  • New title or car title transfer:
    • $4 title fee.
    • $8 registration fee.
    • $1.50 clean air fee.
    • Vehicle license tax (VLT).
  • Duplicate title, lien-free title, or address change: $4.
  • Name change:
    • $4 title fee.
    • $8 registration fee.

Vehicle License Tax (VLT)

Use the below guidelines to calculate the VLT on your vehicle:

  • If your vehicle is NEW:
    • Determine your vehicle's assessed value: 60% of the base retail price.
    • You'll pay $2.80 per $100 of assessed value.
  • If your vehicle is USED:
    • Determine your vehicle's assessed value: 60% of the base retail price MINUS:
      • 16.25% for every 1 year it has been registered.
      • 15% for every 1 year it was registered prior to August 1, 1998.
    • You'll pay $2.89 per $100 of assessed value.

Changing Your Vehicle Title

If you change address, change your name, or wish to add or delete a name from your title, you'll need to update your information with the AZ MVD.

Changing your title is similar to completing a car title transfer or getting a duplicate title.

Name Change

To change your name on your Arizona vehicle title, you'll need:

  • The Title and Registration Application (Form 96-0236).
  • The current title OR permission from the lienholder.
  • Proof of your legal name change, such as your:
    • Marriage license.
    • Divorce decree.
    • Court order for a legal name change.
  • Payment for the required fees.

Contact the AZ MVD for exact fees and ways to change your name on your vehicle title:

  • Phoenix: (602) 255-0072.
  • Tucson: (520) 629-9808.
  • All other AZ locations: (800) 251-5866.
Did You Know?

You must update your AZ driver's license within 10 days of changing your name. Visit our Name Change page for complete details.

Add or Remove a Name

To add or remove a name from your title, you'll technically be completing a vehicle title transfer.

To complete the auto title transfer, you'll need to take the following to an AZ MVD title office:

  • The Title and Registration Application (Form 96-0236).
  • The vehicle title:
    • To remove a name, ALL owners connected by “and" OR “and/or" on the title must sign. Signatures must be notarized.
    • To add a name, the person being added must sign the title and the signature must be notarized.
  • Payment for fees:
    • $4 title transfer fee.
    • $8 registration fee.

Address Change

To change your address on your vehicle title, you can:

Duplicate and Replacement Titles

NOTE: You MUST have a vehicle title to sell your car in AZ. If you do not have a vehicle title to transfer, you should apply for a duplicate BEFORE selling your vehicle.

Visit our Replacing a Lost Title in Arizona page for complete instructions.


Title and Registration Application
Apply for an original OR duplicate Arizona title AND/OR registration with the Motor Vehicle Division.

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