Replacing a Lost CDL in Arizona

As a commercial driver, your commercial driver's license is essential to your career, and losing it can potentially cause havoc to your life. The good news for Arizona commercial drivers is that the state makes it fairly simple to replace a lost CDL.

In Arizona, you can replace your lost CDL online, by phone or in person with your local Motor Vehicle Division, and you can even order your duplicate CDL from out of state.

For identity protection, remember to report your lost CDL with local and state law enforcement agencies. Driving a commercial vehicle without a valid CDL on hand is illegal.

Online or By-Phone Duplicate CDLs in AZ

You can request a replacement CDL online or by phone at:

  • (602) 255-0072 in Phoenix.
  • (602) 255-0072 in Tucson.
  • OR
  • (800) 251-5866 elsewhere in AZ. 

Before you begin, be prepared to:

  • Provide personally identifying information.
  • Give the reason you need a replacement CDL.
  • Pay the $12 for a duplicate CDL with a major credit card.
  • Print the confirmation and receipt.

You'll receive information on how you'll obtain the duplicate CDL and any further instructions during your online or by-phone ordering process.

Replace at a Local AZ CDL Office 

Alternatively, you can order a duplicate CDL at your local AZ CDL office. Note that some CDL offices require appointments.

Likely, you'll need to show state-approved identification and complete a replacement application; however, you might also need to provide certain documents—such as your medical certificate or proof of your specific endorsement(s)—depending on your circumstances.

If you decide to visit an MVD CDL office, bring valid identification. All documents must be original or certified copies from the issuing agency and written in English.

If you believe that someone is using your missing license fraudulently, you should report the loss to the police department to prevent identity theft.

Because of these varying requirements, be sure to call ahead.

Out-of-State AZ Commercial Drivers

Generally, out-of-state CDL holders can order duplicates online (see above) or by phone.

Note that ADOT can deny your out-of-state request depending on your situation. For example, you might not be able to get a replacement CDL while you're out of state if:

  • ADOT doesn't have certain documents—such as proof of identification and/or residency—on file, or those proofs need updated.
  • You haven't provided or you need to update your information regarding certain CDL-specific documents—especially your medical certificate or waiver.
  • ADOT doesn't mail replacements to the type of out-of-state address you currently have.

Contact your local AZ CDL office for details on whether you're eligible to receive a duplicate CDL while out of state.

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