Renewing Your CDL in Arizona

If you want to continue to travel the open roads in your commercial vehicle, you’ll need to make sure your license is current. We’ll help you learn how to renew your CDL through the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) before it expires.

Renew Your Arizona CDL

Arizona commercial driver’s licenses expire every 8 years.

To renew your commercial driver license in Arizona, you’ll have to visit your local CDL office in person.

When it’s time to renew your CDL, visit the appropriate office and provide:

  • Proof of legal U.S. presence:
    • The DOT provides a complete list of accepted documents—1 document must be from the primary column. When choosing your proofs, you can bring:
      • 2 documents, with 1 document showing your picture.
      • 3 documents with no picture.
  • A current Medical Examiner's Certificate (Form MCSA-5876), completed by an approved medical professional.
  • Visit our page on Arizona CDL medical requirements for details and instructions on getting or renewing your certificate.
  • Payment for the CDL renewal fee. See the fees section below for detailed information.

If you have a HAZMAT endorsement on your CDL, there are additional requirements for renewal. See the HAZMAT endorsement section below.

Endorsement Renewals

As a commercial driver, you may have one or more endorsements added to your Arizona CDL.

Below, we’ll outline the process for renewing your HAZMAT endorsement, as there are additional steps you’ll need to take with each renewal.

What if I have other endorsements on my CDL?

While the MVD doesn’t specify extra renewal requirements for any other endorsements you may have, it’s a good idea to call your local CDL office before your renewal to make absolutely sure.

HAZMAT Endorsement Renewal

If you have an Arizona commercial driver’s license with a HAZMAT endorsement, there are a few additional steps to take in order to renew your CDL.

You’ll need to pass both of the following:

  • TSA background check.
    • Your background check expires every 5 years, but the expiration date is often different from the one for your CDL. You must apply for your HAZMAT Threat Assessment with the TSA at least 60 days before your CDL expires.
      • If you want your CDL and TSA background check to expire at the same time, go to your CDL office to renew your license and take your HAZMAT knowledge test the same day the TSA approves your background check.
  • Hazardous materials knowledge test.
    • This can be done when you renew your CDL.
    • You are given 3 attempts to pass this test. You can use ONLY 1 attempt per day.
    • You’ll need to pay the $10 HAZMAT endorsement fee.

AZ CDL Renewal Fees

The fees associated with renewing an Arizona commercial driver’s license are:

  • Class A or Class B: $15.
  • Class C: $10.
  • HAZMAT Endorsement: $10.


Medical Examiner Certificate
Certificate of medical examination you must carry as an Arizona commercial driver. Must be completed by a doctor.
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